2011-09-29 The Temple

The Temple

This year there were two Temples at burning man. The big Temple, as always, was... more->
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2011-09-26 They tricked me! (:

One goal that I always have at Burning Man is to avoid being too pervy. Which is to say, there are a lot of pretty woman and a lot of good looking guys, and they aren’t always wearing a lot of clothing... but it's pretty important to remember that... more->

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2011-09-26 The Man, 2011

The Man means different things to different people, of course,... more->

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2011-09-26 Black Rock City Memories

Instead of attempting to write another long essay about Burning Man, I thought I'd write a series of smaller posts about particularly treasured memories from 2011. I also noticed that I had ninety or so photographs, and it seemed kinder to split them up then to simply dump them all here at once.

So far, I've written about: