2011-05-25 GUITAR WOLF!!!!!

The doors opened at 11:00pm, and the opening bands finally finished around midnight. Cat and I got there just in time for Guitar Wolf, simultaneously astonished and nervous about arriving at a rock show so late on a Thursday night.

Guitar Wolf, of course, is the band that invented Jet Rock* back in '87, and are still more or less the only ones that play it. It's basically Ramones-style punk crossed with Boredoms-style noise, with... more->

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2011-05-10 St. Christopher and the Quest for the Alpha Dog

Saint Christopher was a totally incredible badass. He's not a Roman Catholic saint anymore, since he got Mysterii Paschalised back in '69, but he's still totally legit with the Orthodox, and for good reason. He's the saint of travelers, and ferrymen, and total badasses everywhere.

He didn't always go by "Christopher", of course. For most of his life his name was literally Wicked: Reprebus. He was a Marmaritaen, which of course means that instead of a human face, he had the ... more->

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2011-05-09 Priest?

So, "Five Quick People Who Are Also Angry" turned out to be fantastically enjoyable, although I imagine that Catherine Cefalu's stiff sidecars had something to do with that. On the other hand, "I will Surprisingly Hit you In Your Face When you are Not Expecting Me To" was a textbook, guided tour of modern rape culture. So we're one-for-two.

Does anyone want to risk seeing "Priest" with me? I don't have a fancy pseudo-title for it yet, but Penny Arcade says that it's "a sci-fi Western mar... more->

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