2011-02-01 Hummus

I went shopping last night! I need a new blazer to go with my new skirt, because I decided to get it in white. That's right, in 2011, I'm going to try white instead of black as my foundational hue! Wish me luck around plates of spaghetti.

Anyway, I went shopping in all my favorite stores along Belmont last night. Didn't find anything (except an orange scarf and some rye whiskey) but it was still a remarkably fun way to spen... more->

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2011-01-26 Boring Financial Stuff... With graphs!

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So here it is again, two days until payday and $76 in the bank. That's in red 'cause it's negative, see? Once again I'm overdrawn and not sure why. So I spent two hours painstakingly comparing my daily expenditures journal to my online bank balance history. End result? Hell if ... more->

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2011-01-24 Men who Hate Women and Write About it

I just finished reading SHE and Casino Royale back to back, and am ready to try something a little less misogynistic. The two novels I have at hand are The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and A Series of Unfortunate Events II. And least the latter is more "wryly misanthropic" than targeted.

Mind you, I recently read an article in ... more->

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2011-01-19 SHE

I'm reading H. Rider Haggard's novel SHE, and it's great. I mean, it's horrifically racist and jingoist as only British literature in 1888 could be, but if you can look past that it's pretty awesome so far.

Horace Holly (incredibly strong, and a brilliant scholar, but extremely ugly) and his ward Leo Vincy (called "the Greek God" for his unearthly good looks--which are, of course, coupled with a pleasant manner and a bluff, ready friendship) along with their salt-of-the-earth... more->

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2011-01-18 I fixed up my 'blog a bit...

For one thing, you can click on the "Books I've Read" link again, and for the first time in years it will actually work!

For another thing, I wrote a quick entry tool that's now on my google homepage, so there is a chance that I'll update it more frequently. I noticed that I was basically only tweeting (which automatically updates Facebook and Buz, but not my 'blog) so I thought that if I made it easier, maybe I'd update my 'blog more often.

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