2010-11-01 My apologies!!!

Here's a graph* of the number of emails that I have sent to my boss containing the word "sorry" over my time here at Northwestern. Of course this includes any emails that I sent saying, "I was on time today, and I'm not sorry about it" or "I'm sorry I do my job so damn well!" but for the most part it's probably safe to say that I screwed up, to a greater or lesser extent. More so in April of '07, apparently.

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2010-10-08 My name turns three tomorrow!

So this is the third anniversary of the day that I changed my name, and every year for the last three years I've gone to this particular Mexican restaurant where they have margaritas that are the same size as my head. Each year, people have tried to buy me drinks, and it always confuses me.

Don't get me wrong, they succeed in buying me drinks, and I appreciate it! But I never understand why they offer. Doesn't everyone know t... more->

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