2010-07-28 Spam Comments!

I know it isn't exactly a pressing issue for you (you probably read this on Facebook, I reckon) and even for me it ain't exactly a sensible thing to do at quarter-past-six on a Wednesday... But I think I might finally have plugged the spam leak on my blog!

It's just been gushing it, and I've never been able to determine exactly where it was coming from--no matter what crazy captcha thingies I inserted, it would magically override them and flood my comments box with ads for v1agra. -sadfa... more->

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2010-07-28 Sexism and Men

Just read a interesting thread on Metafilter about how sexism affects men.

The article itself was fairly interesting on its own, listing "... more->

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2010-07-14 He is on a horse.

I really like the ad below, and so do a lot of folks on the internet. It's fun, surreal, fairly inoffensive, and acknowledges right off the bat just how silly the idea of "male" and "female" liquid soap really is. It also stars an african-american man in the role of "universal sex symbol", and that's pretty cool. Also, the man in question (Isaiah Mustafa) is, indeed, smoking hot.


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2010-07-02 Man, you missed out!!! (Katzenjammer)

Well, I hate to break it to you, but you really missed out by not seeing The Bakes and Katzenjammer last night at Schubas. The Blakes opened—two grungy / hipster ultra-skinny jeaned brothers on guitar and bass (and occasional awkward tambourine) and a happy, curly haired guy going to town on the drums. It was good, although a little melody light for my tastes. Great r... more->

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