2010-04-29 Holy Crap, Andy Griffith?!

I saw the poster up there on If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats recently, and it prompted me to check t... more->

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2010-04-28 What a great Wednesday!

Well, it's only 10:00, but so far I'm having an awesome Wednesday.

I discovered that a new earring, from the Earing of the Month club that Cat gave me for Christmas, had arrived.

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2010-04-28 Gogol Bordello

James, Cat and I (and Rob, who randomly ran into us in the crowd!) saw Gogol Bordello at the Congress Theatre on Friday. It was fantastic! My only regret was that we missed seeing ... more->

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2010-04-23 The Name of the Wind

Woah. When Gabe at Penny Arcade recommends a book, he's not messing around. I finished this 600+ page novel in 40 hours--all week day hours--in between working and sleeping. In other words, I was pretty into it.

Gabe writes:more->

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