2010-04-01 Mustache Potential

I have no idea if I'm capable of growing a full handlebar, but I am really excited to try (just bought Father's Mustache Wax online--apparently it's much better than Clubman's, the only real competitor.

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2010-04-01 Live blogging the Master of the Flying Guillotine

Beyond time? What in hell...?

Well, I finally got a chance to watch Master of the Flying Guillotine, also known as One-Armed Boxer 2, or Master of the Flying Guillotine vs. the One-Armed Boxer. It's a classic tale of man's inhumanity to one-armed man, and I've had it from Netflix for so long that I could have bought it many ... more->

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2010-03-25 Aren't Tautologies Anathema to Logicians?

Is the scientific method real?

How can something use it's own process to prove it's own process?

How can science prove logic?Or mathematics?

At least I can feel God, But I'm starting not to believe in this whole science thing. Can anyone prove these things to me

Cody, Yahoo Answers [2/25/2010 3:41:38 PM]

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2010-03-23 Two Things

Thing 1:

George Gordon, the Lord Byron, has never looked sexier than in this portrait (painted ten years after his death, I just realized, by Thomas Phillips).

Thing 2:

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2010-03-23 Huh, I don't post here very often.

I thought that this was busted, because it's supposed to show all of the posts from the last month, but the main page was empty.

Turns out, there haven't been any posts. I blame Google Buzz.

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