2010-01-28 Shadows

Hopefully, Rosencrantz and Juliet are Dead, as my brain insists on labeling this show (even though straight Romeo and Juliet is easier to say) will be staged on August 6th at the Piccolo Theatre. Not only is this less than a mile from by day job, but they also have 48 beautiful brand new source fours for us to use--half ERSs, half Par / Parnels.

So I've been making a digital maquette of the place, in Blender. ... more->

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2010-01-22 Poster Update

Wow, it came out really well! Cool to see something I designed on a computer transformed into the real world, at large scale.

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2010-01-21 Poster for Cognitive Science

The CogSci program is having a recruitment table in the cafeteria, just like the Marines. We need a new poster, though--our last one is a bit beat up, and also doesn't actually have the words "Cognitive Science" on it (well, it does, but they're pretty small and on the bottom).

Anyway, I thought I had more time, and I was going to ask my awesome graphic designer friends (and professional comic artists who can fake graphic design) for some tips... but there is on time. I just sent it off to get ... more->

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2010-01-21 Remaindered Ideas

Ironic Sans isn't always my favorite 'blog, but when it's good it's really good. Such is the case with this post, collecting some of his Brilliant Ideas from 2009 that weren't quite Brilliant enough for there own post. Ideas like number five:

A mashup of "Back to the Future" and "Speed"

"You built a Time Machine? Out of a city bus?"

It seemed like a good i... more->

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2010-01-20 Photography that I love

For Christmas this year, among other wonderful things, I received a Nikon N90s. Not just any camera, this was the camera that my father (who is not dead, mind you, but is hopefully transitioning to digital) carried for the last several years. It's got scuff marks on the back from the back trails of Alaska, and the strap is from the community college where he taught photography back in 1984.

In addition, he gave me a very quick g... more->

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2010-01-07 WHAT?>!?>!?!? Chrome Extensions!??!?!?!

Holy crap!? Chrome supports extensions now?!??! (Beta only, but still.... wow, that's huge).

Well, if nothing else adBlock seems to be working. I'm off to try a bunch of others. Maybe I can get chrome to be as unstable and slow as Firefox!

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2010-01-07 Skleeee!

Oh, wow, today is so great! Here are some reasons:

Found out I'll be lighting S. Legare's Romeo and Juliet in September. I'm trying not to get too excited, as we don't know about the space for sure--maybe I'll just be busting my ass duct-taping 60watt lightbulbs and bitching about coverage the whole time... Still pretty exciting, though!

Found out that two new issues of ... more->

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2010-01-06 Lovely, lovely data!!!

I can't imagine why you would care about how much I weighed over the past two years, but at the very least I'm excited about the pretty, pretty data.

The flattened bits are places where I didn't track the data (was away from computers, &c.).

I guess the only actually exciting thing about this is that I made all of the tools used in the process, with the exception of excel (which I used to generate the graph). So, er, that's nice.

You can see I lost a lot... more->

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