2009-11-30 WTF?

Ok, so, yeah, OK Go has a new video, for their song WTF?, and it's pretty amazing.

Hmm, they won't allow me to embed it here for some reason, but you should really click here and watch it.

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2009-11-25 Festive Punch

I'm looking for Festive Punch* recipes for tomorrow. I've found one that I won't be using, although I feel a bit drunk just from looking at it!

750 ml. Champagne

1 Pint Curacao

1 Quart Brandy

Really, a quart of brandy?!?!

*Ideally involving rum, s... more->

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2009-11-25 Sadly, it is Bind On Pickup.

Holy crap! When I leveled up at work this year I got a rare drop--the "5 Year Corporate Symbol Lapel Pin":

It's a little grim (have I really been postponing my career, paying off this credit card, working at Northwestern, &c. for fiv... more->

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2009-11-12 Northwestern CogSci has the COOLEST faculty

So I was just chatting with one of the Philosophy Grad Students, asking him about Dr. Peter Ludlow, who is one of the Cognitive Science faculty in the Philosophy Department. The student said a few things, mentioned that he traveled a lot, and then casually said, "And he's one of the top gamers in the world".

Being very much a layperson in Philosophy I simply assumed that A) modern philosophers studied game theory, and... more->

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2009-11-12 Torchlight Sales Pitch

Remember when you got Diablo? Did you regret buying it? If you didn't buy it (I think I stole my copy, actually) did you think it would have been worth purchasing? (I certainly would have, if I'd had the cash... I think I paid for Diablo 2).

If so, there is little reason for you not to buy Torchlight. Furthermore, there is no reaso... more->

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2009-11-04 My New Boots

Way back in 2001 or so, I bought a pair of New Rock knee-length flame boots (like this, but without the heel) for $250. At the time, that seemed to be a pretty steep price and, admittedly, they started falling apart within a few months. By the time I got to Chicago in late 2002, they were quite literally held together with tie-line (I'd replaced the zippers twice before giving up and using string).... more->

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