2009-10-30 1903

From Futility Closet:

1903 in the life of erratic pitcher Rube Waddell, cataloged by Cooperstown historian Lee Allen:

“He began that year sleeping in a firehouse in Camden, New Jersey, and ended it tending bar in a saloon in Wheeling, West Virginia. In between those events he won 22 games for the Philadelphia Athletics, played left end for the Business Men’s Rugby Football Club of Grand Rapi... more->

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2009-10-28 I have SO MANY glass bottles now!!!!!

Teh Internets sell 2mL glass bottles in pack of 25, 50, or 100. I bought 100. At the time I was all, "Why are you doing this?" but now I'm all, "I'm so brilliant!!!"

... more->
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2009-10-23 GOOD MORNING!!!!!

Every so often I experience a persistent state of euphoric excitement, usually in the morning for a few hours. I'm experiencing it now, in fact. This is likely to be a combination of numerous psychological and physiological factors--really wonderful dinner with Cat last night, managed to get just the right amount of sleep, had a large iced coffee this morning, &c..

At any rate, it feels like I'm vibrating exultantly. It is a pleasant sensation.

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2009-10-21 Saint's Row 2--violent, but otherwise politically awesome!

Note: This is fairly long. Also, it is cross-posted on Queeresque!

I've just recently started playing a new video game, ... more->

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2009-10-19 Ultra-Rare Nathan Hall Bootleg

My friend Nathan is a really awesome musician. His band (modestly titled "The Nathan Hall Band") calls their sound "new wave rockabilly", which is actually totally appropriate. He just called me (at work) to tell me that they have a new myspace page, so good for them. That reminded me that I'd meant to post this ultra-rare bootleg for a while now.

See, I have Google Voice, and if you leave me a voice mail (help yourse... more->

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2009-10-16 Juha Arvid Helminen

(photo series by Juha Arvid Helminen)

via Don Bitters, but only because he checked ... more->

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2009-10-15 Ask Metafilter FTW

I thought that this was fascinating:

"The Quality that Can Not Be Named" as it relates to architecture.

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2009-10-13 Been listening to Faust on repeat.

That bit where she's all "Non! c'est la fille d'un roi", I was all, like, "Woah! That's great! Man, if only it had been, like one notch higher it would have frickin' blown my mind. And then, of course, she was all "Qu'on salue au passage!" and yeah. My mind was blown.

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2009-10-12 Bento!

I have, admittedly, a slight fetish for trivial efficiency. Nothing major; I usually set up my coffee and my bowl of cereal next to each other, so that I only have to get the milk out of the 'fridge once, that sort of thing. I never manage to make it to work on time or anything like that, but I do get a tiny amount of joy from "optimizing" my daily routine in unimportant ways.

Which is why the following video has made me ridiculously happy. A fellow completes his entire morning routine i... more->

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2009-10-08 Robert Howard

Corey Doctorow's summary of the life of Robert E. Howard (of Conan fame):

He was a driven, small-town Texas boy, a boy who loved his wasting, tubercular mother and applied himself to literary hackdom like no other in order to support her. Howard wrote and sold more than 160 pulp adventure stories between 1928 (when he was 22) and 1935 (when he was 29). He typed these stories in a fury... more->
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