2009-09-29 Baby Aye-aye

Oh, also, found this amazing website with photographs of baby zoo animals. Like this Aye-aye, only the second born in North America. It's a tiny little thing and I don't think it'll grow to be much bigger, but it's also the largest nocturnal primate. Just imagine it fro the perspective of a mouse lemur, and suddenly it looks huge!


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2009-09-29 The Book Man

Just met a guy who has a really cool business model. He roams around college campuses with a bar-code scanner and a huge database of book prices, and pays cash on the spot for anything he can find. It's almost certainly illegal (or at least against University policy) but he's so small potatoes that I doubt anyone would care.

The key thing is that he seems to specialize in crazy out-of-date crap (although I'm sure he'd take anything) that no one wants. Professors, however, have this stuff... more->

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2009-09-18 Duplicate Lottery Number Question

So the winning numbers in Bulgaria's national lottery, randomly chosen, were the same two weeks in a row. The numbers 4, 15, 23, 24, 35, and 42 were drawn on September 6 and again on September 10. Assuming that this was an actual random occurrence, who is more foolish?

A) The 18 people who guessed the winning numbers from September 6th for September 10th, even though they knew that such a coincidence would be almost entirely without... more->

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2009-09-16 One more post for the night.

I put up twenty or so photos on my Google Albums account (some of which I should have used in the 'blog entries, but oh well).

You should be able to view them here.

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2009-09-16 Argh

So what it boils down to, is I don't understand how to use my own 'blog. The 'blog I built from scratch, and what I coded just about every line of by hand. Sometimes the spacing is all funky, sometimes it just ignored my hard returns... . Ah, well, I think everything looks pretty and works now.

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2009-09-16 Whew.

So there you have it. The less-exciting portion of my trip chronicled. Please forgive any ridiculous typos or plain bad writing. Also, I notice that somethings gone funky with my tags, making the whole front page of my 'blog telescope in a weird way. Oh, well, that's the price you pay for composing everything in Google Docs.

Up next, sometime or other, I'll post the exciting part--the intersection of Self-Sufficiency and Community that is Black Rock City. The best City in the worl... more->

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2009-09-16 Part VI: Pure Beauty Then there were a bunch of other things that made me feel like I was in the most wonderful dream I'd ever had. The temple on fire certainly belongs in this section, as does the desert itself. Some of these things were art pieces created intentionally, like the five-foot diameter tree trunk that had been exquisitely carved into a glorious face. Others were simply experiences that I had, that I could never have had anywhere else.

The opening ceremony was like this, at least in part. Cri... more->
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2009-09-16 Part V: Small and Clever On the other end of the spectrum were the little pieces that, despite not having a flame cannon attached to them, were notable for their clever execution. In a way, I preferred these pieces to the fire-breathing giraffes because they had more to say than "Holy Crap!". One night as I was walking over to the Crazy Dance Camp side of the city (around 2 o'clock Street) at night in the middle of a gathering dust storm, I came across four metal poles, about seven feet off the ground, roofed by a wire mesh. Suspen... more->
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2009-09-16 Part IV: Holy Crap! Shiny!

Note: As I mentioned in part one, I tried not to take very many photos. I knew that among the 43,000 other participants, someone else would have a better camera and might even be a better photographer. So I apologize for breaking up the flow here with tons of little "Photo by X" notes, but it's super important to credit these folks as I haven't asked permission form them.

The Temple and the Man were the two big name tickets at Burning Man, obviously, and I put them into the categ... more->

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2009-09-16 Part III: The Temple

Other things burned as well, of course, and in concept I actually preferred the Temple to the Man. The Temple is another longstanding fixture of Burning Man, since David Best's Temple of the Mind in 2000. This year the Temple was called "Fire of Fires", and it was an enormous three-story structure with elaborately carved scroll work walls. It was not a theatre piece or a facade, it was a real building that could withstand tens of thousands of pilgrims climbing up and down its stairs all week long. ... more->

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2009-09-16 Part II: The Man

Photo by siberfi
Well, I'll start with The Man. A twenty-foot-tall stick figure, the Man stood on a twenty-foot-tall platform. It was made entirely out of two-by-fours, but it l... more->
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2009-09-16 The Burning Man Ats Festival
Note: This is the first part of six 'blog entries about the Arts Festival, to be followed by god knows how many entries about Black Rock City. This is a (rather long winded) collection of my memories of Burning Man. Some of my facts are probably off, and others have been changed to make telling the stories easier--no one actually referred to it as "2 o'clock Street" or "Adapt Avenue", but I figured that everything was confusing enough already. I tired to take as few photos as possible while there, so I'm relying on the photographs of others. Please let me know if you object, although only my friends and family will be looking at this page, regardless. Oh, in addition, if you want a PDF of this for some reason (e.g., to mail to my father, but I've already done that) it is here. At any rate:

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2009-09-16 Nothing Lasts Forever

Wow. I should be writing up my Burning Man memories or, more to the point, doing the work for which I am paid here at NU*. But instead I'm learning about this amazing film, Nothing Lasts Forever (fan trailer).

It was made in 1984, and its cast includes Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murry, an... more->

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