2009-08-26 Amazing Fan-made Dr. Who Anime is amazing.

Holy cow, first I find out that my friend Felix is a huge Dr. Who fan and ridiculously prolific contributor to the ... more->

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2009-08-26 Holy crap!?

Holy crap, I'm going to Burning Man!!!!!

Today I'm taking a cab to the Metra, the Metra to Amtrak, the Amtrak to Milwaukee, and then tomorrow morning bright and early I'm helping to drive a huge Truck to the Black Rock Desert, in Nevada!!!!!

Then on the 8th I'm helping to drive it back. Perhaps I'll arrive in Milwaukee on the evening of the 9th, take the train back to Chicago, and meet Cat at the airport the next day to fly to Fuzzy and Dante's wedding in Maine.

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2009-08-26 What makes tubbypaws happiest?

What is the happiest thing for you? is it puppies? kittens? ice-cream? shiny things?

The happiest thing for tubbypaws is a two am kitten parade through a jelly bean factory.

And what about unhappy? what is the contrary to happy for you?

two fifteen am when the parade is over, all the kittens in the rain waiting for taxis to take them home. It's so sad, kittens find it hard to hail taxis.

From ... more->

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2009-08-12 Thoughts on Role-Playing Games

Note: This entry was originally just about this one cool game idea, but then I went nuts in the comments section of my own 'blog, listing a bunch of much, much cooler games that I read about today.

From the Lumpley games 'blog:

On 2006-10-03, Neel wrote:

So, ... more->

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2009-08-10 Metafilter for the win.

Y'all gather 'round from far and near,
Both city folk and rural,
And listen while I tell you this:
The pronoun y'all is plural.
If I should utter, "Y'all come down,
Or we-all shall be lonely,"
I mean at least a couple folks,
And not one person only.
If I should say to Hiram Jones,
"I think that y'all are lazy,"
Or "Will y'all let me use y'all's knife?"
He'd think that I was crazy.
Don't think I mean to criticize
Or that I'm full of g... more->

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2009-08-05 WTF??

So I got home from the Burning Man meeting. (I'm going to be camping ina 50-foot-tall giant spider that blares goth / industrial music, how cool is that?! Thank you, Bitters!!) Waiting for me on the mail table is this stamp:


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