2009-07-31 Time Travel Re-Post from Metafilter

Awesome suggestion from painquale, on metafilter:

Why can't Hollywood come up with a time travel movie that is consistent and has smart characters? It's not that hard, and it can lead to some pretty cool ideas. Here's one: it's a neat feature of time... more->
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2009-07-31 Sorry about all the new entries...

If you happen to follow this via RSS, I apologize for all of the spam. I'm trying to fix up the RSS, but it is extremely frustrating. Mostly because I'll make some change, think that it's correct, and then have to wait around while Google Reader continues to display it's cached (crappy) version.

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2009-07-28 Google Voice + T-Mobile Tech Support FTW!

So it looks like T-Mobile was able to arrange things such that missed calls go to my Google Voice account instead of to my T-Mobile voicemail. So if I don't answer the phone, after four rings Google answers, takes a message, transcribes it, and sends it to me as a txt message.

I'd thought about trying this before, but was reminded by reading a metafilter thread about the kerfluff... more->

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2009-07-28 Willian Shatner For the Win What a glorious day for Shatner! First of all, Modern Shatner completely owned with Conan O'Brian, with his rendition of Sarah Palin's resignation speech as Beat poetry, with bass and drum accompanyment. Just look at this, it's beautiful!

And then here's the other thing I saw today. It defies description, other than that it's a "video mashup remix",... more->

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2009-07-27 Saturday: Zombies, Beer, Circus, Rock and Cat

Woke up next to Cat, always a great start to any day, and raced home to take part in Group Gardening Day, helping weed the church grounds. A breathtakingly beautiful day for weeding, as it happened.

I then spent several hours reading Neil Gaiman's Batman comic and the latest issue of Coilhouse magazine, both of which were... more->

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2009-07-27 New Site Design

Ok, screw it, I designed this all new site (full of AJAX and what-not) about a year ago, but it needed a lot more work to get it compliant with Internet Explorer. Well screw those guys! If YouTube is dropping support for IE6, then I can drop support for IE7. Especially since I don't think very many people actually read my 'blog, IE or no.

So, yeah, as of now anything that is IE 7 or below will go to the old site, which I'll probably never look at again, and everyone else will go h... more->

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2009-07-27 This Latrine is the Best!

Cool graffiti from the restroom of the Deluxe Diner. I'm not sure about the grammar, but sentina is "cesspool or bilge-holder", so setina est optimus is something like "This latrine is the best", right?


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2009-07-27 TEST

This is "a test". Shouldn't everything be workin'


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2009-07-27 Dollhouse

Well, fair warning I'm having a really crappy morning for a thousand irritating reasons (nothing important, it's just one of those days where I put in my headphones and then they get caught on a chair and ripped out again... over and over and over). Nevertheless, I'm extremely unimpressed with the Dollhouse first episode:

So, her first assignment she's a whore, and in here second assignment she's a rape victim. The first big confrontation and she literally falls to her knees (she has asthm... more->

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2009-07-24 Privacy (sorry, no time to proofread this!)

Which reminds me, I've been thinking a lot about Privacy, recently. I often find people irritatingly confused about the subject, especially when it comes to technology--"Oh, I just hate having a cell phone. I can never go on vacation, people can always find me!" &c.

They confuse obscurity (going to the beach without a cell phone) with privacy (having control over the people one interacts with). Not having a cell phone is "private" in the way that losing your hearing is "quiet". Yes, it's technical... more->

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2009-07-24 Argh

Well, the transition to my new phone and phone plan has gone swimmingly, and I am now even more accessible than before--I've been horrifying my friends my gChatting while biking to work.

For my father, it has gone the other way--apparently his phone didn't make the switch, or something. Calling him yields only the "Please leave a message after the beep" message, and I'm guessing that he can't call out, either.

I'm guessing this because I accepted a $10 collect call from him (from a payphone... more->

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2009-07-23 The future is now.

Man, I love living in the future. Those poor fellows in the Past never hung out waiting to make fun of squirrels.

Or, if they did, it wasn't from thousands of miles away while they were supposed to be working. That's for sure!

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2009-07-22 New Phone!


I'm typing this on my new G1! Certainly not as easy to use as a full size keyboard, but so far it's at least as easy as my old PPC660,my previous gold standard smart phone. May it rest in peace. Miles above that Instinct.

I'll just add, typing on a full size keyboard on my desktop now, that for all my hate and bile the Instinct wasn't a bad phone. It was a great phone--really fantastic form factor, great aesthetics, slim and shiny from the Future. Good voice quality, no dropped ca... more->

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2009-07-10 Birthday Party Cookout + Cocktails -- July 18th!

Long Story Short: Birthday cookout 2:00pm Montrose Beach (... more->

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2009-07-08 Google Voice

Wow, I just got a Google Voice account. Another part of their evil plot to take over the world by doing things really, really well and for free.

But, yeah, you can call me at 773-442-2278 and if I don't answer, you can leave a voice message. It will then be transcribed almost perfectly, and sent to me as a text message.


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