2009-04-24 This is Literally the coolest thing I've written about all day!

One of my favorite 'blogs, Futility Closet, recently ran a short bit about auto-antonyms--words that have a double meaning, where the second meaning is the opposite of the first.

I'm still convinced that they must have a cooler name than that, but I love the concept. I had previously been familiar with "cleave", which means both "to adhere firml... more->

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2009-04-16 Faun Fables

I went to a rock show! Note: It seems that I'm going to write a lot about the bands I didn't like before writing just a little about the band I did. But there are pictures! Of Nils Frykdahl!


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2009-04-16 Jason Webley & Mucca Pazza

I went to a rock show! Actually, I went to one last week, too, so I should say something about that first. Here's an email I sent to describe it to me friend:

White Mystery was a decent-enough proto-punk lo-fi garage band (my friend Toast's description) but Jason Webley was amazing! He played acoustic guitar half the time, and accordion the other half, and he stood on a huge hollow platform, that was mic'd. This allowed him to accompany himself with percussion by doing a little dance as he played. ... more->
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2009-04-07 Thought and Memory

Having access to a high-powered dremmel and strong adhesives has changed the way I view the world. For example, I always wear my boots until they are unwearable (the soles disintegrate, usually) so I can't donate them when I'm done with them. In the past, I'd simply throw them out--but no more! Now I see them as useful sources of hardware, buckles, plates, fasteners, and, of course, leather*. My last pair of boots were these, from Demonia:

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2009-04-03 Duplicity (no spoilers)

Holy shit, Duplicity blew me away. As far as I can recall just now, it's far and away the best "relationship movie" I have ever seen.

Most movies about couples fall into one of two categories. Many of them are about The Joys of Falling in Love--the guy meets the most wonderful woman, and it's the story of how he woos her, and how great it all is. Fuck that. I don't need to be told that falling in love is nice, and I won't be winning my partner in any way that resembles a cinematic narrativ... more->

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2009-04-03 Anathem (no spoilers)

Here's an email I sent to my friend about how I felt about Neal Stephenson's book.

1) Dude has not figured out narrative. At all. The book stops and starts like a fourteen-year-old trying to shift gears. It coasts along slowly, discussing complicated ideas about consciousness and orbital geometry, and then you turn the page and your are right in the middle of what the hell just happened!? I was never sure if that was deliberate or not (and he does talk, dismissively, about "foreshadowing" early i... more->

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2009-04-02 Somtimes I feel that I am running out of resources.

Not so many people read this 'blog, but it's still important to me that it be more interesting than "Here's what my cat done on Thursday!". About the only thing less interesting than posts of that nature are cris de coeur about misfortune--whether they be legitimate complaints or just powerless whining. Although I do find my old "Someone stole my chair!" post to be inspirational, at times, I'm rather not clutter up this space with too much of that.


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