2009-04-01 Qualcomm For The WIN!

"A widespread wolfpigeon rebellion will be immediately countered with the release of hundreds of thousands of flying sharks."

I had thought that this was the best thing ever.

Then I discovered that they also made a short video about it.

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2009-03-26 Anthony. The Johnsons.

I do not know how I feel about this music video / song, by Anthony and the Johnsons.

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2009-03-26 The making of Tainted Love

Mike Thorn's recollections of the recording of the Soft Cell cover of Tainted Love. Show how little I know, I hadn't even realized it was a cover! (Of Gloria Jones' version).

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2009-03-25 Tweet.

Christopher Walken uses Twitter. I now think that he is even cooler than I thought he was ten minutes ago; not because he uses Twitter, but because he says things like:

She said I should talk more about my cat; that people like that sort of thing here. I didn't know I still had a cat. Explains a few things.

Er, just to be clear, it is quite probable that when I say "Christopher Walken uses Twitter" I don't actual... more->

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2009-03-25 Nota bene

There was no "Emperor Constantinople". My email meant to refer to Theodosius II, Emperor of Constantinople. I was so excited that I had manged to successfully spell "Constantinople" that I forget that it was the name of a region, and not a ruler.

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2009-03-05 Why am I so interested in this?

Why am I so excited about receiving a 419 in French? I've no idea, really...

Mlle Kadi Samira KEITA
Ancien Ministre et Collaborateur du Prйsident
Abidjan Rйpublique de Cфte d'Ivoire


Je n'ai pas un autre moyen de communiquer avec vous que de vous faire parvenir ce mail.
Je suis dans le dйsespoir et mon coeur saigne au moment oщ je vous f... more->
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2009-03-04 Boring Financial 'Blog Post

Dude, I am so totally going to make it through March and pay all my bills! Admittedly, this assumes that everyone pays me their share of the phone bill in a timely fashion, which is a bit of a hitch in my plan. Also, I have to admit that this is only possible because this month I got paid thrice--that mythical creature, the "bonus paycheck".

If not for that, then I essentially wouldn't be able to afford last month's phone bill--all $277.80 of it. However, according my my Mast... more->

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2009-03-04 See this?!!?

All right, you see this? This is what you get when you give ordinary people to tools to make art, and the forum to share it. And then you give other people free and full access to that art. Thesis: only the trained elite can create music woth listening to. Antithesis: anyone with a web cam is a musician. Synthesis.

Myself, I like track three an awful lot, but really they... more->

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