2009-02-18 Goggleparty.

This is less exciting than that previous post, but on Saturday we had a Goggle Party! Basically, five of us got together to make wearable art / assemblage pieces / masque / goggles. I went to the hardware store and got a bunch of odd and ends and some super-strong adhesive. We covered one table with my bag of gears, and use a separate table for the power tools.

A couple people there had never used a dremel before, and said it was "empowering"--it really is. So many things that we do on a regular ... more->

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2009-02-17 Room 101

Warning: The following 'blog entry contains graphic descriptions and a few photographs of large spiders. Less than a week ago I would not have wanted to read it under any circumstances. (And now I wrote it--hooray for Science!). Also, it is ridiculously long. If you want to read a very short account that doesn't involve the word "spider" or any pictures thereof, go here.


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2009-02-06 New Ringtone

Sorry, Bitters, but as much as I truly loved the ringtone you made me, I had to switch it out with this new ringtone I made myself. Yep, that's our president!

Inspired by this post.

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2009-02-02 O & E

Last night I went to the AV-Aerie, down on Fulton Ave, to see Chicago Opera Vanguard’s production of Orpheus & Euridice. I’m certainly glad I went, and it is really exciting to see non-mainstream work like this. Also, on the whole, I liked it.

Not the most ringing recommendation, I suppose. One problem was that I was expecting something much more experimental. Partially because of the company name—that “Va... more->

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