2009-01-29 25 Things About Me

A number of folks have tagged me on this meme, so I'll play along--any excuse for a bit of unabashed egotism. I figure y'all already know about as much trivia about me as you'd care to so I'm altering the format slightly: here are 10 things that I believe, but can't really defend. I may not have as large a number as the rest of y'all, but I can guarantee that I'm more pretentious about it!

I have plenty of controversial opinions about various things, but usually I can either back them up with a... more->

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2009-01-23 Quick update on last post

To my surprise, things went quickly last night! JACK is working (hooray for black magic) and I managed to get a synth and a drum machine hooked to a (really sweet) sequencer, which was then patched into Ardour. Long story short, I recorded music! Was... more->

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2009-01-22 Learning New Skills (music composition)

All week long I've really wanted to go to my studio and make music, but I'm not ready to do that yet. First I need to spend a long time in my studio not making music. What do I mean by that? Well...


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2009-01-18 A funny story! Well, maybe not, actually...

So I've spent a while now trying to set up xUbuntu. To my shock, actually getting the OS up and running was so easy that it hardly counts as a process--I merely put the live cd (USB, in my case) in, turned on the computer, and there it was.

Setting up audio stuff, though, was a bit more challenging--it seemed for a long time that every step forward require a sacrifice... I'd get JACK working, but then I'd lose audio. I'd get audio working (using ... more->

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2009-01-07 Grrr.

Bought a muskrat skull on ebay, and then immediately thereafter noticed that they also sold trapping supplies, which made me feel a little wretched. Why the hell is it so hard to buy mouse skulls online? I can buy a full human skeleton, but not a few vermin bones?

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2009-01-06 We live in the future

I just read a story in The New Yorker that totally made it clear that William Gibson was not writing about the future, that the future is so strange that he could never have predicted it. The article was about a new literary craze in Japan, the keitai shosetsu, the "cell-phone novel", and it is online here. Japanese people (mostly women) compose novels on their phones that are hundreds of page... more->

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