2008-11-24 Small Town Values

I just found out about Stu Rasmussen, America's first openly trans / genderqueer mayor. That right there is cool enough--in fact, I'd be delighted that somewhere some big city had elected a handsome, f2m guy, but it gets better.

First of all, Rasmussen's identity is complicated and difficult to ignore--he identifies as male, is biologically male, wears "female" clothing and had breast augmentation surgery (see here for his very funn... more->

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2008-11-24 Bond--Quantum of Solace critcism with a few spoilers.

I was initially planning to review Quantum of Solace simply by saying “rape victim panty shot” and leaving it at that. That’s a bit of a harsh thing to say on its own, though, and to be fair it was the nadir of a movie that also had some really fantastic scenes. Two of them, I think.

And yes, I’m not being terribly fair. I’ve seen plenty of worse movies in my time, and if I hadn’t let my hopes get so high after Casino Royale I might have enjoyed the film a lot more. I really onl... more->

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2008-11-21 Bond--Casino Royale critcism with a lot of spoilers.

A week ago I tried to invite my friend to see A Quantum of Solace. I got as far as, "So, any interest in the new James Bond m--" when she screamed "Fuck NO!" and that was that. A little startling (and it has made me a bit leery of bringing up the movie to other people) but almost an understandable reaction. For all that I love them, James Bond movies are unquestionably celebrations of violence, machismo, cartoonish sexuality and misogyny—even by the standards of mainstream Hollywood.

... more->

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2008-11-21 Hooray!

Five overdraft charges this time! $125 in fees.

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2008-11-20 I'm a winner!

So apparently I've spent enough money at the Starbucks in my local grocery store to earn myself a new pan.

The bottom line is that if someone has a thing, attributes value to it, and then offers it to me for free, I'm gonna take it and that's that. So now I'm carrying this pan around with me all day...

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2008-11-19 Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

From Futility Closet:

If a train remains at the station from two to two to two-two (from 1:58 to 2:02), a passenger who misses it must wait from two-two to two to two.

Tom, while playing a game of Scrabble against Dick, who, while considering the last word that Harry (who had had HAD) had had had had, had had HAD, had had HAD. Had HAD had more letters, he would have played it.

Wouldn't the sentence "I want to insert ... more->

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2008-11-17 Misuse of Coleridge!

Felt the usual ambivalence at seeing the sign below on my way to work this morning. It is advertising a hospital, and says, "Doctors doctors everywhere". I'm not exactly a Coleridge scholar, but even I know the context for that line: our man mariner has pissed off the Albatross, and his ship is becalmed in the middle of the ocean:

Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

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2008-11-13 Random Cell Phone Bitching

Dear Cell Phone Designers,

I was wondering what device you all use to listen to your mp3s while on the bus. At first I assumed that you'd all use iPods, because they are really well designed great user interface and really intuitive, useful navigation. Then I realized that no one who had ever seen an iPod could possibly have designed the music player on the Instinct.

My next guess was that since you folks designed the Samsung Instinct, so you probably used that and listened to music wi... more->

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2008-11-10 Watch on ebay for $150

Yes, please. Although really, I'm not sure it would be so hard to make...

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2008-11-04 Google Chrome. :(

Well, I no longer use Firefox because I like Google Chrome so much. Stable it ain't, though. I just wrote a nice long post about my new phone, and then it crashed. Well, technically I hit 'post' and then bork crashed for about an hour... and then I tried to resubmit it and Chrome crashed. Ah, well. I like my new phone.

Actually, it seems I'm not the only one to have this problem.

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2008-11-04 Obama!!

So I got a new phone (more on this in a sec) and called in to get it activated. While waiting for the system to load something or other, the phone tech was chatting to me about the election. When I mentioned that I was for Obama, he said, "Oh, me too! I'm really hoping he wins, and in fact I'm taking the day off of work tomorrow!". I found out later that this fellow lives in the Philippines (where he works in an overseas call center). This is truly an election with international significance.

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