2008-10-31 GAH!! The horror!

The 'nidge is dressing as various Alice in Wonderland characters tonight, and I'll be the Cheshire Cat. This means that I need a Grin. This means that I need to either shave off my mustache, or put face paint over it a la Caesar Romero. Here are photographs of me with no mustache, and they frighten me:


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2008-10-29 What I read at the gym

When I went to Asia I lodged with a family at Pergamus, where I found my quarters very pleasant. This was partially on account of the convenience and elegance of the apartments, but still more so because of the beauty of my host's son.

I devised the following method to prevent the master of the house from thinking of me as a seducer: whenever the conversation at table turned on the abuse of handsome boys, I showed such extreme indignation and protested with such an air of austerity and offen... more->

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2008-10-28 They stuck me with a thing!

I got my first piercing on Saturday—in my left helix. The stud they gave me is very small, and a beautiful purple. It’s less obvious than I’d imagined, but I kind of like it that way. In a few months it should be completely healed, and I’ll be able to replace it with something more ostentatious if I so choose.

The piercing followed a wonderful party, with ten or eleven of us all drinking gigantic margaritas and having a gr... more->

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2008-10-21 I have been to North Carolina

I went to North Carolina. I spent too much money on food. I was there to cheer up my father, who is more broke than I am, and so I took him out to eat, bought him some Jack Daniels, &c. In addition, there is fuck all to do in New Bern after 6:00pm, which is when my father went to sleep the first two nights--I foolishly went out to eat the first night (godawful pasta with boiled vegetables) and bought myself some cheese and rum the second night.

Bottom line, not counting the overdraft fees, the entire trip cost me $681. Counting the twelve $25 overdraft fees that I incurred, I spent almost a thousand dollars last weekend.


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2008-10-15 Thoughts on reading The Magic Mountain (Loong)

I've just finished it, and I am completely overwhelmed, in a way that I really didn't expect at all. The whole novel, when read as a whole, is just devastating, a 700-page-long metaphor for the First World War. Not very much literature can actually reduce me to tears—this and the death of Hector, in recent memory. Note that I haven’t had much time to write this, or to think about the book, and I certainly haven’t done the necessary research to really understand it. Furthermore, this is all assuming that you’ve read the novel. Not only are there spoilers (and yes, I do think that there are plot twists that may affect your enjoyment of this book if they are revealed) but I’m also not going to give too much background. Really, you should read it, it’s a really wonderful novel. Having said all that, here’s what I though:


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2008-10-10 I like the punk and the metal bands

So the other day I tried to download this kick-ass swing version of Walk Like an Egyptian from Amazon, but there was some hitch and it didn't work. I got an email from the apologizing, and giving me $5 in credit. So of course I spent the entire five bucks (and a bit more, I guess I got carried away) on other WLE covers:

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2008-10-08 Blast from the

Hah! In celebration of Google's ten year anniversary, they have a page where you can search their 2001 index. Of course I search for myself, and not only came across whis darling photo of me, circa 1998:


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2008-10-07 Good News!

My father just had major surgery for skin cancer, and I'm a little surprised at just how relieved I am that it went well. I knew I was worried, but apparently I was really worried. Wheee!

I was telling my friend Bitters about how they had carved away a bunch of skin from his shoulder and replaced it with skin from his leg, and Bitters observed that he was rebuilt, like the six million dollar man! Except, as I pointed out, that they used meat instead of metal, so he wasn't really any faster... more->

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2008-10-06 Words of Wisdom

From my favorite political cartoonist, Tim Kreider:

I now believe that there is no one in this country who more eagerly awaits the day George Bush leaves office—not me or Tom Tomorrow or Janeane Garofolo or Michael Moore or Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn or those guys with the giant puppets and drum circles you see at protests--than George Bush. He is going to go home to Texas and begin drinking Jack Daniels straight out of the bottle and cut a shitload of brush and forget all about this whole terrible eight-year-long being-the-President nightmare.


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2008-10-06 Dwarf Fortress

I should say something about what I did do this weekend. It wasn't really "nothing"--I played this new video game, Dwarf Fortress . Here how it goes:

Well, actually I wrote a huge long post about it, but I fear that it was too boring for you. If you really want to read the nitty-gritty, it's here.

Essentiall... more->

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2008-10-06 What I did this weekend--Not a damn thing.

My weekends amuse me to no end. Two weekends ago I went on a casual 27-mile bike ride. Last weekend I spent at St. Gregory's monastery, bonding with my Community between observances of Laudes, Terce, Sexte, &c. Next weekend I'll be jetting off to North Carolina to spend time with my father, who is (I believe) having surgery this very day.

But then there are other weekends, weekends like yesterday and the day before. I had Community Breakfast in the morning, and then dropped off the face of the Ea... more->

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