2008-09-26 I think I did it!

Why do I always start 'blog entries when I'm already late somewhere? At any rate, while I'm superstitious about counting chickens, it looks like I have really, truly, finally paid off one of my credit card debts! I'm getting pierced on the 25th to celebrate--more on this sometime later.


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2008-09-26 New Phone (someday!)

Oh, wow, that's the phone I want, the G1 (sorry about the noise on that site). Man, I haven't lusted after a phone like this since May of 2005!

Of course it's probably way too pricey for me, is exclusive to T-Mobile, and isn't even out yet... but it has one of them cool slide-out qwerty keyboards that I love, an interesting form fac... more->

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2008-09-23 No fate!

In 1979, Robert Williams, a worker at a Ford Motor Co. plant, was the first known man to be killed by a robot.

Other deaths.

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2008-09-23 Google

Sometimes I type things into the google search bar without quite clearing the previous search. Sometimes I end up typing over half of it and then slamming the "search" button before I notice. Sometimes google is confused, but does its very best to help:

Did you mean: lyric opera 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN

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2008-09-22 Hercules (long, perhaps pretentious)

No time to write anything in depth (ok, I lied, this is now frighteningly long!) but I wanted to remind myself for later that Jennings and I went to see Handel's Hercules last night, courtesy of my boss. She's in Germany, and therefore unable to use her brilliant, fifth or sixth row seats.

Music of the Baroque put on a good show, as usual (and I love that I can say that--thanks to my boss, I've seen a fair number of their performances these past few years). In addition to a multitude of s... more->

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2008-09-13 New Boots!!!

Oxford University is so old that years and years of freshman marching up and down the stairs have actually worn footprints into the rock. Duke University, which was founded about a hundred years ago, achieved the same effect by building their stairs out of sandstone.

Which brings me to my old boots--they came up just below the knee, and we completely covered in buckles and straps. Steel toes, and each strap had a metal plate in the front. For unknown reasons, I wore a chain wrapped around the ... more->

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2008-09-12 New 'blog in beta...

I don't know if it's ready or not yet, but I'm out of time to play with it until Monday. If you want, take a look at

The New Hotness

In addition to the new layout, the whole thing has a lot more AJAXy goodness (for example, click on the "more-->" of "Comment?" links to see the full entry appear). I used JSON, for those that care about those things.

Also note the comment section, with my hom... more->

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2008-09-09 "Test": It's what's for dinner...&

I'm trying to update this 'blog...

Let's see what nasties I can stick in here to trip me up...



"; SELECT * FROM test_db;

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2008-09-09 This is just to say,


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2008-09-09 A Quick Update on my Love Life

For those of you who aren't automatically informed about my life via Facebook, I should let you know that Lauren Walker broke up with me last Friday. That pretty much sucked, but we had only been dating for two months when she left for the summer--returning after two months away, she found that although she still liked me, she no longer liked me, liked me. Not how she phrased it, but that's the gist of it--during the traditional transition from initial limerance to something a bit deeper we barely... more->

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2008-09-04 Awesomepost

Oh, and also a very quick (I hope) post about this artist, Wayne Belger, who makes project-specific pinhole cameras that utilize relevant sacred objects. For example, this camera incorporates a vial of HIV-infected blood, which passes in front of the lens to act as a #25 red filter:


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2008-09-04 Genderpost.

A few quick gender-related items. First, this 'blog--the photos inside are pretty neat, but the coverpiece is mad cool on its own: Lucy and Bart(flash).

Secondly, I wanted to draw your attention to genderfork, a photoblog that "explores androgyny and gender variance through artistic photography". Nothing graphic here (like the neogender piece in the Coilhouse print m... more->

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