2008-08-19 Want

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2008-08-13 Overdraft Fees

Wish me luck as I attempt to begin a new pay period without becoming overdrawn. Payday is on Friday, and unless some unforeseen electronic bill comes due tomorrow--touch wood--it looks like I'll have fourteen bucks in my account when the paycheck is deposited.

I did some quick researching in my bank history this morning: with the odd exception of June 6th, I have been charged overdraft fees due to insufficient funds in my bank every single pay period since April 11th. Thus far in the year I have ... more->

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2008-08-07 I say.

A gentleman who was in the habit of interlarding his discourse with the expression 'I say,' having been informed by a friend that a certain individual had made some ill-natured remarks upon this peculiarity, took the opportunity of addressing him in the following amusing style of rebuke:–'I say, sir, I hear say you say I say "I say" at every word I say. Now, sir, although I know I say "I say" at every word I say, still I say, sir, it is not for you to say I say "I say" at every word I say.'

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2008-08-07 Twitter Best thing I've seen on Twitter, from AmbrosiaVoyeur:

"My cat's catchphrase is grating and passé."
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2008-08-06 Awesome. "There are many situations in life where you wish you had a knife, and a few unfortunate ones where you might wish you had a gun, but if you find yourself wishing that you specifically had the Sword of the Daywalker, either you live a more interesting life than me, or a less interesting life than pretty much anyone."

Lore Sjöberg
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