2008-02-26 RFK

You may have known about Robotfindskitten, but I have only just learned about it. It seems to be nethack + kawaii + awwww! = Just My Type of Thing!



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2008-02-22 You, too, probably knew this already...

Why am I always the last to hear about this stuff? Probably because I chose to take a free period in High School, instead of taking Latin. Anyway, I just found out that:

"On the way across the Aegean Sea, Caesar was kidnapped by Cilician pirates and held prisoner in the Dodecanese islet of Pharmacusa. He maintained an attitude of superiority throughout his captivity. When the pirates thought to demand a ransom of ... more->

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2008-02-19 House of the Rising

So that I don't forget:
Am C D F, Am C E, Am C D F, Am E Am

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2008-02-15 Two things

I just finished watching an NPR interview that you really need to see. Only five minutes long, and just wonderful. No, really, go watch.

On that page, they mention the "Proust Questionnaire", which also fascinates me. Essentially, it's a livejournal meme that Proust answered at a party when he was 13, and another... more->

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2008-02-15 Yes. This is all true.

Blizzard has long supported the eSports scene, particularly with its RTS games, Warcraft III and Starcraft. The latter is a sensation in South Korea, with matches being televised, and top competitors (who play at a rate of up to 300 actions per minute - that's five clicks per second) achieving the status of pin-ups.

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2008-02-15 Grommets

Ok, why the hell are grommet setting machines so damned expensive? Surely I can find one somewhere for under ninety-five bucks? I mean, it's just a lever, right? Looks like I could build my own with a pair of vise grips...

More importantly, why do they all sound more like sex toys than hand tools? Yes, yes, it's a bit of a stretch to see the "Hand Press" as even remotely sexual, and to snicker at the "Stroking Hand Press" is perhaps a bit puerile, but come on! They named their grommet machine t... more->

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