2008-02-01 Observation

The iPod touch is insanely popular, ridiculously portable, and has great, intuitive wi-fi support. This means that on the bus everyday I'm constantly looking around for open access wi-fi points to use, and I think that most iPod users do. In other words, wardriving has gone from a super-underground geek pastime to a respectable activity for yuppies and businessmen. Overnight.

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2008-01-31 The Mouse Bone Continuum

While talking to a coworker the other say, I developed a new scale for describing the sorts of friends that I long for. We were discussing her new boots, and how "badass" they were. I'd been looking for reliquary ingredients online (someday I'll make Art, like the Artists do) and so I mentioned that one could buy a whole crapload of mouse bones on eBay for only $40. Certainly there are few shoes that wouldn't look more badass with the addition of a few tiny skulls?

She gave me a look that ... more->

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2008-01-18 Finances

One's finances are rarely interesting to anyone except for oneself and one's enemies (for example, the credit card company). Nevertheless, it's my blog, so I'm posting a giant jpg of the excel spreadsheet that I made detailing when I'll pay off my massive credit card debt. You don't have to look.

The important thing to note is that, if all goes according to play, I'll have paid off one six-year-old debt by August, which means that I only have seven months to choose which ear to get piercedmore->

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2008-01-16 I'm using it right now in Australia!

So, Engadget's report on iTunes movie rentals is interesting, and it looks like Apple made a useful-but-not-life-changing thing. Netflix is obvious better for scheduled rentals, and probably much better for streaming rentals (not sure about comparative catalog size) but when I watch a movie on my iPod an hour from now (which could conceivably happen) it sounds great.

... more->

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2008-01-15 Kafka, Part III

I just finished reading The Castle. Part I and Part II are smaller reactions, but here's even more text about the book. Which I greatly enjoyed.

I've always enjoyed a certain kind of Fairy Story, like Neverwhere, for example (Neal Gaiman and Susanna Clark are modern exemplars of this kind of story). My favorite sc... more->

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2008-01-15 Kafka, Part II

The second most important thing that I realized (although not until after I'd finished) was that, inexplicably, someone is making this into a video game for the PS3. Um.

That became the core concept of Kurayami: literally, darkness.

'I want to deliver a very specific, totally new... more->

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2008-01-15 Kafka's Castle, part I

The first and, perhaps, most important thing that I realized while reading this novel was that it is vital--essential, even--that it be made into an animated film with talking anthropomorphic animals. I'm not sure what sort of dog K. should be, but clearly Pepi should be a French Poodle, and the assistants should be squirrels.

Just imagine K. peering through the peephole at Klamm, resting by the file-laden desk as bubbles percolate up from under his shell!

And then there's ... more->

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2008-01-11 Correction

In a recent email that you might or might not have received, I referred to "a beautiful Thai woman singing songs about Turkish dirty dancing in Hindi". It turns out that the woman in that video (which I find almost apocalyptically sexy) is Remii, neé Remi Sen, neé Shoumitra Sen, who is totally Indian and not at all Thai. The movie's title song, Dhoom Dhoom, was song by Tata Young, who is apparently the Thai Britney Spears, but is no... more->

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2008-01-11 Oh, and also...

Not that I intend to fill my 'blog with Bertrand Russell quotes, but still:

Some "advanced thinkers" are of the opinion that any one who differs from the conventional opinion must be in the right. This is a delusion; if it were not, truth would be easier to come by than it is...

On one occasion a man came to ask me to recommend some of my books, as he was interested in philosophy. I did so, but he returned next day saying that he had been reading one of them, and had found only one stateme... more->

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2008-01-11 Russell the Muscle

Give me an adequate army, with power to provide it with more pay and better food than falls to the lot of the average man, and I will undertake, within thirty years, to make the majority of the population believe that two and two are three, that water freezes when it gets hot and boils when it gets cold, or any other nonsense that might seem to serve the interest of the State.

Of course, even when these beliefs had been generated, people would not put the kettle in the ice-box when they wanted it ... more->

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2008-01-08 Art

So I got a bunch of photo paper, and I printed out all of my favorite prints from these artists:

I'm not sure, but I think I found out about all three of them just by re... more->
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