2007-12-06 Great new way to waste time!

Practicing my asemic calligraphy. Not to be confused with asemitic which, if it were a word, would probably mean "not relating to the Jews"*, as in, "I'm using an asemitic toothpaste these days."

At any rate, I think these came out rather well:


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2007-12-06 Fuzzy's Tofu Advice

For future reference:

[14:01] FHBen: My socks. Knocked off!
[14:01] Fuzz E Fuz: do tell!
[14:01] FHBen: Bao were invented by Zhuge Liang!!!
[14:01] Fuzz E Fuz: cool!
[14:02] Fuzz E Fuz: Did I tell you I found out how to prepare tofu?
[14:02] FHBen: He's like the magic fighting Sherlock Holmes of ancient China! And he invented bao!
[14:02] FHBen: No, how do you prepare tofu?
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2007-12-03 Gregor Sansa Awoke One Morning From Troubled Dreams To Find Himself Transformed In His Bed Into A Conveniently Compact Media Player

I know that you probably read woot.com already, and it feels weird to be putting an advertisement on my blog, but this is a pretty fantastic ad:

He was lying on his durable alloy casing, sleek and scratch-resistant. “This is awesome!” Gregor thought, and immediately set about fiddling with his own easy-to-use, backlit controls.

“Gregor!” his mother called from the hall. “It’s quarter to eight! Get up!”

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