2007-10-23 Internet Strangeness

Fuzzy sent me this link to the Wikipedia article about Frank Chu, an amazing fellow who is even now protesting for the impeachment of Bill Clinton (or, sometimes, Thomas Jefferson) because--as I understand it--Chu's family starred in a secret television program called "The Richest Family", but were never paid. The 12 Galaxies may have been involved. Chu is something of a celebrity, and gets free drinks at the local club 12 Galaxies... more->

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2007-10-18 Extoplasmosis

"The Bar was 100% Yuggsville: Fungi everywhere, ensconced in the exoskeletal bar stools that literally fed nutrients and complex psychotropic fractals directly into their bodies, crawling on the walls, spraying comm lasers everywhere–it looked like a disco for mimes in Azathoth’s throneroom, what with all the lights slashing through the fog and the utter, utter silence: none of them were using transcomms to convert Yuggothian “colourspeak” into an audible language. My friend’s Yugg buddy made... more->
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2007-10-17 Heroes Season Two!

At one point last year, I remember being stunned that such a well-written, well-acted, interesting television show wasn't immediately getting canceled. About halfway through I lost a lot of my enthusiasm, but I still watched every single episode in chronological order. I expect I'll do the same with season two (on my iPod, at the gym, woot!) but perhaps not. I've only seen two episodes so far, but what I've seen is more than a little disappointing.


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2007-10-03 Untitled Well, the feeling is fading, and I'm typing this on my iPod. Tonight at the gym was truly exultant. Wolfdog--pure epicmetal at 180bps I felt glorious. The experience doesn't manifest to me as God, but I believe I'd to be the same experience. This was how Diomedes felt when the goddess gave h the go ahead, and I bet it's how Achilles felt all the time.
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