2007-08-28 My friend is cool [15:40] Adridne: but then, i agree with an ex-roommate that at the end of crouching tiger, hidden dragon, the girl jumps off of the bridge and wishes to be transported to the desert to be with her lover.

[15:40] Adridne: he's crying because he has to walk back.
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2007-08-22 New Bicycle (Wish me luck)

(click to enlarge)
And a detail of the color:

(click to enlarge)

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2007-08-15 Yeah, but how fast is it?

Once upon a time, I understood desktop terminology pretty well. My parents would be all, "Does it have a em bees? I hear that a lot of em bees make it go faster." and I'd be all "Er... the number of megabytes a computer has could refer to either hard drive capacity or to memory... " &c.

These days, though, it all just looks like an incomprehensible string of numbers. Whenever I get paid for Oleanna (and, by the way, Triton gave me a raise!!!) I'm buying a ... more->

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2007-08-07 Birthday Kurta (also Nasher photos)

Here's a photograph of my wearing my new kurta!

My mother took this while I was visiting N.C. last weekend. Had a great trip including, among oth... more->

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2007-08-02 хитрость использовании флагов

From Reuters:

A Russian submersible on Thursday dived beneath the ice under the North Pole and planted a titanium flag on the seabed, staking a symbolic claim as Moscow seeks to extend the territory in the Arctic it controls right up to the North Pole.

"This isn't the 15th century. You can't go around the world and just plant flags and say 'We're claiming this territory'," said Canadian Fore... more->

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2007-08-02 Business Card Case

When I tell people that I'm changing my name to "Dionysus", they are naturally curious about the full story. I couldn't possibly relate it to them in person, so I put it all up on the web, and I've made business cards to pass out to people. If they are really interested, they can go home and read my life's story. If not, that's ok too.

For the printing, I used... more->

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2007-08-02 My (ex-) Bicycle

So, last Saturday my friend Ahn came over around 12:30, walked past my bicycle, and mentioned it to me. When she left, around 2:00 or so, there was no bicycle there, and my lock was lying on the ground in two pieces. Boo.

The bike itself was badly in need of a tune-up after only a couple months--most of the gears had already stopped working--so perhaps that wasn't as big of a loss as it might have been (although my friend Jeremy would have helped me fix it). The panniers, though!!! Oh, the pannie... more->

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