2007-08-01 Chicago Reader Ad

Here's an exciting ad in the "Legal Notices" section of the Chicago Reader:

The website mentioned is here.

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2007-07-26 Initial thoughts about the Deathly Hallows

Um... there might be one or two spoilers in this. Obviously.


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2007-07-26 Harry Potter and Leopard-Walk-Up-to-Dragon

"Harry doesn't know how long it will take to wash the sticky cake off his face. For a civilised young man, it is disgusting to have dirt on any part of his body. He lies in the elegant bathtub, keeps wiping his face, and thinks about Dudley's face, which is as fat as Aunt Petunia's ass."

Oh, and here's (apparently?) the full text.

(via ... more->

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2007-07-16 Good UI. Bad UI. (Surprisingly long rant)

Good UI is, for example, seeqPod, which I just learned about today. It's a web scraper / spider--it spends all day surfing the web and whenever it finds any mp3 file that is public ally accessible, it stores the location and song info. Then, you can search the database for music that other folks have posted anywhere on the 'net. So, if I put a Metallica mp3 up on my blog, seeqPod will find it and tell you about it. This i... more->

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2007-07-16 I Love Penn & Teller!

Desert Bus is the best known minigame in the package, and was a featured part of Electronic Gaming Monthly's preview. The objective of the game is to drive a bus from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada in real time at a maximum speed of 45mph, a feat that would take the player 8 hours of continuous play to complete, as the game cannot be paused.

The bus contains no passengers, and there is no ... more->

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2007-07-16 But I love Shirley Bassey even more...

Oops, make that Dame Shirley Bassey, Commander of the British Empire.

Anyway, watch this video right now: (on someone else's blog, 'caue I'm lazy.)

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2007-07-15 Hard Lemonade

The funny thing is, I was drinking gin and tonics...

Mikes Hard Lemonade

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2007-07-10 O.M.G. watch porn!


I mean, good lord!!!! I could scarcely pick a watch to put here, because there were so many outrageously fantastic ... more->

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2007-07-09 Finances

Wow, paying 27% interests makes it hard to make any progress. Over the past year, I've been paying between $50 and $100 a month on my Chase credit card. on the 16th of May, 2006 I owed $5,000 even. Today, I owe $144 less. Yow.

Fortunately, my mother qualifies for an American Express card, and I've transferred the balance to there, at 4.99% interest. Hopefully, this time next year I should see a bigger difference! (I'm getting an ear pierced as soon as that thing gets paid off...)

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2007-07-08 Devon St.

Lori, her niece Felicia (who is really c ool but, sadly, lives in Cincinnati), Katya, Jennings, Eyal, and Ahn all went to West Devon street, Chicago's "little India" district. The neighborhood is actually much more integrated than that, with lots of Pakistani folk as well, and it is right next to the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, so it's quite a vibrant community.

First stop was the DVD store, where I bought a copy of ... more->

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2007-07-08 The Greek Festival

We went to a Greek Festival a few block from home, and had some tasty food. The music, sadly, was provided by a DJ, but they did have delicious pastries. I bought an icon of St. Euthymius. He has a lovely beard, and I was told that his name meant, "Bringing of good cheer". More to the point, I had been dicusing my upcoming name change with Jennings, and just as I said "Dionysus" I flipped the icon over and saw the name of the mone... more->

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2007-07-08 The Transformers Movie

As with any genre of film, Science Fiction has multiple sub-genre under it, such as the Space Opera, Hard Sci-Fi, &c. One such sub-genre that has been extremely under-represented in American cinema is Giant Robot Movies.

There are tons of Japanese Giant Robot manga, anime and movies, some of which (e.g., Voltron) have been successfully imported to the States. Michael Bay's Transformers movie, however, was the first American, live action Giant Robot movie that I'd ever seen, and I thought i... more->

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2007-07-03 Bush Commutes Prison Term of I. Lewis Libby. "I think it would actually have been a funnier story if Cheney had pardoned Libby, but no one had the balls to tell Cheney he didn't possess that particular power, so they let it stand."

posted by psmealey at 5:18 PM on July 2
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