2007-06-01 Last Wednesday

Man, I thought I was done, but my week was even busier than I thought! Last Wednesday, Dan invited Katya, Jennings and myself out to see the DePaul Symphony Orchestra. I've been trying to recall whether I'd ever been to a symphony proper before, and I don't think I have. Elisabeth took me to see Carmina Burana, but that's not quite the same thing.

I'm afraid that I preferred the least adventurous piece, Tchaikovsky's R&J Overture. It was grand and glorious, and full of passionate explosion... more->

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2007-06-01 Just Now

I got half of my long-awaited payment from Fleetwood-Jordain, so at last was able to pay my monthly bills for May. It looks like I was late on my Chase Credit Card, and I think they took the opportunity to increase my APR from 17.5% to 27.4%. So there you go.

On the other hand, I set up automatic payments for that... At any rate, all of my bills for May are paid, and my personal bill-tracking software (which I wrote a month ago, and have just now named MILSTONE... more->

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2007-06-01 Yesterday

Yesterday I went to my AC / DC Ensemble. We played Highway to Hell straight through, for the first time, with no interruptions. Jen was singing, and it sounded great! Like a legitimate version of the song! Like Rockstars!

I do wonder whether my fiddle is adding anything whatsoever to the mix, but I don't think it's hurting anything. The instructor said something about how the violin is a melodic instru... more->

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2007-06-01 Last Monday

We returned from our trip via the Mars Cheese Castle (of course). I took a glorious shower, the first in many days, and Matt's van died. ): He was saddened, because it's not worth fixing and now he has no transport. On the other hand, as he pointed out, at least it died in my driveway and not in Wisconsin. After driving other folks home (thanks for lending us your car for the summer, Libby!) I went to join Susanne Sklar and h... more->

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2007-06-01 Last Sunday

In the morning we hiked back to the infamous Tower, and it was really something. At 60-feet tall, it was about ten feet above the tree line, so with clear weather (and that day the weather was exceedingly clear) you could see Lake Michigan. After climbing down again, we hiked along the Parnell Trail, then cut across some open fields to a handy bridal path (Matt started humming that chorus from Lohengrin, a pun that I failed to get until Katya expliciterized it for me). This led, eventually, to our trail.... more->

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2007-06-01 Last Saturday

This was the hardest day, by far. Not that it was really so difficult, but I'm no hiker and I discovered that seven miles is over my limit. On Sunday we hiked five miles, and that was perfectly fine, so I'm guessing that six miles is my limit. At least, my limit when carrying a tent, sleeping bag, five pounds of carrots and all of the clothing for the trip. This meant that most of the hike was pretty fun (although I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to adjust my backpack correctly) but that the last ... more->

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2007-06-01 Last Friday

I hadn't planned on a three-day-weekend followed by a four-day weekend, but I'd arranged to take Friday off a while ago. Katya and I spent the morning preparing (wandering around Target, &c.) and around 2:00 Matt picked us up for May Mountaineering Madness V. Katya and I had attended ... more->

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2007-06-01 Last Week

Last week was short and uneventful. I got some stuff done at work, but not as much as I probably should have. By which I mean Dedre, if you're reading this, I worked really hard and didn't slack off at all while you were in Amsterdam.

And then there was last Friday...

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2007-06-01 Monday Before Last

I had spent the previous week working some late hours helping Dedre prepare for a (ultimately slightly hairy, but entirely successful) series of talks in Europe. With her out of the country, and most of the CogSci deadlines passed, I decided that for once I'd use some of my vacation for vacative purposes. This was the first time in a long time (ever?) that I've taken a day off of work just for myself--there was no wedding to attend, I wasn't sick, and I wasn't even camping. As a result, I was finally<... more->

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2007-06-01 I've been busy.

I've been quite busy, so I thought to update my 'blog all at once. I have no time to elaborate so these entries are shorter than they should be, but in the Glorious Future I'll look back and at least I'll know what I was up to. Here's what I've been doing:

Weekend Before Last: An aquaintance of mind sent out an email to a mailing list of Chicago electricians. It said, "EMERGENCY! Please run lights for my show!" and little else. I wrote back that I'd been planning to have the time off, but ... more->

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2007-05-11 (And party. Every day.)

The Old Town School of Folk Music has a number of "ensemble" classes. These are like regular music classes that are devoted to a particular theme, and open to a range of instruments. Or, to put it another way, they're like playing in a band except A) you don't have to audition, and B) the band leader is getting paid to teach you what to do. They have a Beatles Ensemble, and an Irish Ensemble. A couple years ago I took the Andean Ensemble. Now I'm... more->

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