2007-04-25 --speechless--

Brooke just told me about this:

They are making a Broadway Spider-Man Musical. That's a little shocking, mostly in a "Blerk? Ulrgh." sort of way. But the director is... the director is Julie Taymor. Oh sorry, that link should have pointed here. Anyway, for those who don't know, Taymor is my total inspiration, she does what I want to do,... more->

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2007-04-24 Vocal Fireworks

Ok, this happened back on the 15th, but I haven't had time to post it 'till now. And, technically I need to leave here in two minutes to go see Meet the Robinsons, so I won't have time to proofread this or anything. I seem to remember using a "driving a sports car" metaphor for this concert... that may not have been the most clear metaphor I could have chosen, I fear. Ah, well, we'll see.

My boss gave me her tickets to see Music of the Baroque's concert "Vocal Fireworks", with Jenni... more->

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2007-04-24 And speaking of cute things...

Here's a link to Björk's myspace page. BTW, I totally typed that umlautted 'o' from memory, dude! Alt-0246, woot!.

Why, you may be asking, am I posting a link to a myspace page, given that I am no longer 12? Well it has three tracks from Björk's new album, and I'm excited about it!

And a little sad. She's playing here mid-may, but I can't go--$44 for the cheap tickets, I think I'll save my cash for the oper... more->

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2007-04-24 LOLerCATZ

This Are Important!


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2007-04-04 T to the M to the N and the T

As I told Brown this morning, I recently got the opportunity to see a fascinating documentary about adolescent testudines with genetic abnormalities last night. They had received training in the martial arts, with very interesting results. I then proceeded to say the same thing to Nathan, and then to post ... more->

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2007-04-03 Brass Fusion

Katya and I went to see a bunch of brass bands play at the Beat Kitchen on Sunday. It was pretty incredible, I have to say, even though I didn't care for the first two at all (too modern-jazz-y for me).

The third band, the Black Bear Combo had played Jennifer and Damien's wedding, so I knew they were cool. They play Klezmer music, but instead of a clarinet, accordion and violin, they have a trumpet, a tuba, a sax, and a big ma... more->

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