2007-03-26 Comparitive Cognition Data Dump

I was lucky enough to be in charge of coördinating a workshop on Comparative Cognition today. Two of the foremost experts in non-human primate cognition--Mike Tomasello and Josep Call, from the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig--were lead the day-long discussion, and I got to sit in on it.

These people are awesome, they are both extremely smart scientists, and they have extraordinarily ... more->

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2007-03-22 East German Map Case

I realized that I never posted any pictures of my map case. This will shortly be rectified--Here they are.

I bought this for five or ten bucks last July at Ragstock, and I've been wearing it every since. There was a thread over on the Steampunk Forums about carrying cases, so I took some photos.

Incidentally, that's my minty-fr... more->

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2007-03-22 Mardi Gras, and cool photo

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2007-03-12 S.P.E.K.T.O.R.

Dude, why the hell didn't any of you tell me about Regina Spektor? Holy hell, I really like her music! I mean, that stuff is really good, and I usually don't like "indie" music... although I suppose I do like anti-folk, which is how the Wik' identifies Spektor.

I also really, rea... more->

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2007-03-08 I wish I was a hunter, in search of different foods...

There are many things that I wish I was, but two of the top ones, reliably, are Rock Star and Artisan. I'm working on the Rock Star bit, but I never really feel confidant enough about the art.

I do make art, every once in a great while when my director is willing and the text supports it, but I'm talking about the creation of physical objects here. I am specifically envious of the folks who make sculpture ... more->

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2007-03-04 A Fun Game

Since our game of Lexicon has been sadly lost, here's another fun game to play.

I have here my own transliteration of a French song (although it rather sounds as if the French song was itself a translation of Chinese or something...). This transliteration isn't very poetic, I just tried to ge... more->

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