2007-03-01 Pretty damned incredible

Yeah, so it's a video of a chariot, pulled by a robot. The robot is solar powered. It is bipedal. It is dressed like a roman centurion, and it looks like George Bush. That's pretty much it, right there.

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2007-03-01 Fantastic Will Wright Interview TSIA, and I'm more obsessed about Spore than ever! This fall, woot!
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2007-02-22 Magic and Realism

This is part of a long response to Jeremy's comment on a previous entry. You might want to go there and read his comment, first.

"As a realist, if you observe magic, you believe it."It's been a while since I've read the BK, so I shouldn't attempt to debate it with you, really. But that quote introduces Alyosha who, in th... more->

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2007-02-20 NFCTD

Ack, not really enough time to tell you more than this: Neil Gaiman had a link onhis blog to this wonderful thing. Warning: contains owls.

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2007-02-14 Atheists... foxholes...

Wow, this is a little amusing, a little pathetic (in the modern sense of "lame"), and quite pathetic (in the ancient sense of "full of pathos"). I just discovered this "prayer" that I wrote back in September, 2004, when I was working at that godawful truck routing company by the airport. Probably right around the nadir of the last ten years of my life, really.

I've changed quite a lot spiritually since then, and my life has als... more->

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2007-02-13 Amazon Mixup

Amazon just sent me "AVATAR: The Last Airbender" and kind-of-cool, kind-of-weird manga that I certainly didn't order. The packing receipt read: Yang Chi, but the box it came in had my name on it. I wrote to Amazon:

I believe this order was meant for "Ying Chi", and shouldn't really have gone to me. A simple mistake to make, I see. (Please accept my apology if you find this message twee).

Looks like a cool book, but I bet this Yang Chi is missing it (and I've not heard o... more->

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2007-02-13 Minnesota House Bill H0224

Yes, this is for real.

1.5 Section 1. [138.99] POET LAUREATE.

1.6 Subdivision 1. Appointment.
1.7 The Gov' shall appoint a state poet laureate,
1.8 Who shall serve for a four-year term.
1.9 Because this appointment will always be great,
1.10 There's no need for the Senate to confirm.
1.11 In appointin... more->
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2007-02-12 Bad Day

I used to have a website, sixbynine.com, where I stored my professional info. This was on a friend's server, and I also used it for other things. I had a running tally of how much money I owed Katya, and vice versa, and I have a month-by-month update of which bills I had to pay, how much I'd paid last year, &c. Every payday I could just run down the list and check them off, it was pretty sweet (and it was all done in AJAX, by the way. The page never ... more->

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2007-02-09 Lamps.

Not only did ... more->

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2007-02-08 3D morphable head models

And dude, check out these 3d morphable head models! Haven't you ever wanted to see the side of Mona Lisa's face? Well no, perhaps you haven't, but this is still an extremely interesting tech demo.

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2007-02-08 Goodbye, my rodential residents...

I think I finally got the last rats' nest out of my hair. It's been in terrible shape for several weeks, now, and I was starting to get a little word. It was practically felted, you know? And while I wouldn't mind having dreads, I certainly don't want them forever.

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2007-02-06 We're Saved!

"The role of entropy in cosmology remains a controversial subject. Recent work has cast extensive doubt on the heat death hypothesis and the applicability of any simple thermodynamic model to the universe in general.

Although entropy does increase in the model of an expanding universe, the maximum possible entropy rises much more rapidly and leads to an "entropy gap", thus pushing the system further away from equilibrium with each time increment."

via wikipedia.

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2007-02-02 Doing my part...

"Would anyone reading this, anyone with a blog or a website that is, mind linking to the last post -- Penn Jillette -- with the link text Penn Jillette?


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