2007-01-30 Bobby Burns Supper

Every year on the first Saturday after the 25th of January, my friends Jonathon and Meg host a ... more->

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2007-01-30 Creepiest thing evah.

Neil Gaiman pointed these photos out to me. They are super-creepy, but also really cool. The same photographer also has a (similarly ... more->

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2007-01-25 Cool PingMag Article

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2007-01-25 Today's random selection of Ancient Chinese Text

The Monkey King and Xuanzang were set upon by bandits, and apparently the monkey king killed them all. I haven't read that bit yet, I only now got this book and opened it at random to find Xuanzang chastising old Monkey:

"How can you be a monk when you take life without cause? We who have left the family should

'Keep ants out of harms way when we sweep the floor,
And put shades on lamps for the love of moths.

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2007-01-25 DAMMIT ALL TO HELL And I just deleted those fucking spam comments, along with every blog entry since January 18th.
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2007-01-18 Nice Boots!

Yesterday, I bought my first pair of boots in five years that I hadn't been lusting over for at least a month. Kind of an odd experience... my current boots are still (more or less) waterproof, too, and they haven't even begun to give me back problems yet! And that's only my second-best boots--I actually have another pair of Best Boots, that are still Beautiful! I think I'm becoming bourgeois.


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2007-01-17 Tres Kawaii

PingMag had an article about this illustrator, and they linked to two of his commercials. They are darling. Darling. And very strange.


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2007-01-16 No, seriously, watch this.

This is a 1:07 long bit for a French cable channel. It is just amazing. No, really. Watch it. It's incredible. I know, I know, but make an exception for this one.

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2007-01-12 For future reference...

The first time I ever heard the word "zettabyte" was on January 10th, at 12:05pm in a Metafilter post about Netflix. I'm writing this down because I haven't the slightest clue when or where I heard "petabyte", much less "gigabyte". I expect that people were discussing "megabytes" pretty freely (if theoretically, for the most part) when I came on the scene in 19... more->

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2007-01-04 It's not true! I won't do it! In 2007, sabacthani resolves to...
Drink four glasses of theater every day.
Learn to play the wagner.
Overcome my secret fear of kittens.
Take evening classes in literature.
Find a better violin.
Give up juggling.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

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2007-01-04 Ok, maybe I do like iTunes

Warning: The following is potentially boring, if you get bored by these sorts of things.

I've had serious problems with iTunes for a while now--it's big and clunky and a little hard to figure out. There are still things about it that I don't like, but I've just recently come to appreciate it's more subtle features. I got that new iPod the other month, and it's been great. I'm getting tired of listening to Janice J... more->

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