2006-12-30 Merry Christmas!

Long story short--I flew down to NC, visited my father and step-mother, then spent a few days in Carrboro with my mother and grandmother before finally going to Rock Hill, SC, to see all the relations! It was a really great Christmas, and I'll post more details later. For now, pictures!

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2006-12-19 Merry Child!

I updated my portfolio with pictures from Buried Child. A lot of the pics that I got could have been much better--Dodge, who was wearing white most of the time, is so bright in my shots that it's hard to ma... more->

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2006-12-18 Taiko / Butoh / Amazing Thing

Well, I’m exhausted. On Saturday I went to see the Third Annual Chicago Taiko Legacy, at the cultural center. Just experiencing that wa... more->

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2006-12-15 On the wall, a coat of arms shows butoh and gender theory.

This very clever fellow Kevan, of twelve days fame, has also created a nethackesque dungeon based on livejournal profiles... nah, you just have to see it, no amount of explaination will suffice. The quotes here are from Plethorax's journal.

"You are in a muddy fissure. Crude images of linguistics are daubed on the walls.

Sabacthani the mind f...
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2006-12-14 Reading metafilter. So you don't have to.

Ok, and before I get back to work, and stop meta-filtering ... more->

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2006-12-14 Extremely interesting interview...

"I was introduced to Poe by accident. I was basically broke and freezing in New York in January of 1970 and decided to seek some shelter and heat in the New York Public Library, which is a citadel of extraordinary books. I struck up a conversation with a guard, who said I should go to the basement and check out the archives. I did, and seeing the actual writings of Poe really caught my imagination, because the way he would write would be to split the page down the middle and glue it in one... more->
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2006-12-12 WTF?

While waiting for the Green Line on Thursday, I saw the "Christmas Train". It was spectacular, if only because of how completely unexpected it was. Bear in mind that this was an otherwise normal El train, with passengers, making regular stops in the city.

By the way, I tweaked these photos a little bit as an exercise in the technique mentioned here:

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2006-12-12 Incurable Theatre

Katya and I went to see our friends' production of The Nutcracker and the King of Mice at the Cultural Center the other day. This is the first full-scale production I ever seen from their ... more->

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2006-12-07 "I myself was raised by pigeons"

Read this mildly interesting article about Englishmen hiring a marksman to shoot pigeons. Then read the letters from readers.

via metafilter.

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2006-12-07 Found a new 'blog...

Called "Ironic Sans", which was the author's idea for a new font. A serif font, of course.

From the Ironic Sans Mr. T Virtual Playset.
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2006-12-06 I didn't make myself into a jerk!

So I'm working on this production of Buried Child at Triton. Long story short, the director and I have entirely different views on how to present the play--I had in mind a lot of non-realistic visionary (or, if you prefer, artsy) looks, but it's very important to the director that the lighting be completely realistic. In other words, the lights come up at the start, and they go down at the end. If no one turns on a light, the lights on the stage don't change.

I have no problem with this, ... more->

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