2006-10-24 What I did on my summer vacation

The Wild Wedding Weekend (which was Wax0r with wife, Woodard).

by Benjamin Scott-Hopkins


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2006-10-23 The trouble with women's brains. Whenever I hear some say "there's an interesting difference between men and women's brains," I become very suspicious. I usually interrupt them immediately and demanding that they produce peer-reviewed papers to back up their point. They are often surprised by this, because I pride myself on being a courteous conversationalist and, besides, they haven't actually made any points yet. No matter, the first sentence is enough. From the moment they say "women's brains", their side of the conversation is (almost ... more->
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2006-10-23 Clothes

So I was sitting around, wishing that I had a new skirt. For one thing, it's getting on towards winter and my current skirts (both of them) end above my knees... which is going to get more than a little cold (and I also think they look weird with tights / long underwear).

For another thing, it feels a little bit like I'm cheating. I want to be all, "Screw gender, I wear what I like" but as long as my skirts are so easily identifiable as kilts it's an easy out.

I'd like to have a skirt that... more->

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2006-10-23 Ok, maybe this will work. Because spammers are so goddam awful, I made it so you can only comment on the last five posts. Or rather, techincally, you can comment on any post made on the same day as post number five (which currently was October second) or more recently.

Most of the spam was randomly distributed, and so the odds are (I hope!) in my favor that they'll only target older posts.
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2006-10-18 I hate spammers Lovely. In the process of trying to remove comment spam, I have deleted every single comment anyone ever made here. I hate spammers.

And wow, two hours later I have 38 comments again. *SIGH*
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2006-10-17 Note to Self: Dear Self:

When you have a second to think again, take a look a this page I just found entitled

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2006-10-16 Note to Self: Dear Self:

When you have a second to think again, take a look a this page I just found entitled "Anti-Christ Judas - Instrumental Music as Worship" and try to figure out what the hell it's going on about.

Next, the proof that Jesus was not their Messiah but was Dionysus Incarnated would be an apparent battle between the "king" and his "first cousin." One cannot doubt that these supernatural signs were... more->
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2006-10-16 OMFG

Sxip is opening for the Dresden Dolls on the 20th of October. That's opening night for my show. I want to scream.

At least Katya can see them. No matter what it takes, at least one of us should. And speaking of the Dresden Dolls, please spend the next five minutes (only! worth it! very much!) watching ... more->

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2006-10-02 flickr Ok, it's 8:30 at night. I should go home and eat dinner and stop obsessing about lsat weekend. Nevertheless, here's some flickr:

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2006-10-02 This Is What We Did (Looong)

Wow, it's really hard to imagine how I'm going to write up ... more->

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2006-10-02 My costume for the Masque Ball More photos later, but as I happen to have this one ready:

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2006-10-02 Expanding my (pretty broad already) Horizons

One really cool thing about the con I was just at is that there were a number of people there who were very strange, and yet they were all extremely intelligent and well-spoken. Many of these people were only strange from a main stream perspective--the genderqueer and trans folk were well within my comfort level and I don't feel any need to write a blog post about them. I'm sure they would seem very exotic indeed to the average New Jersian, but they don't coun... more->

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2006-10-02 Bad Code
if (person = terrorist) {
} else {
Can you spot the error? (Solution).
via Fuzzy, via.
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