2006-08-18 French Nasal Rectificateur

via metafilter. I want one.

"An unusual early 20th century French nasal 'Rectificateur' which would have been applied after nasal fracture or facial injury. The apparatus was placed over the nose and held secure with straps around the back of the head. The idea was that by adjusting the s... more->
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2006-08-16 woot! Just wanted to share another product description from woot. They're selling a camcorder:

From his perch high in the cathedral bell tower, Parker watched Brinkmann make his way across the piazza. A grim tide of sadness swept over Parker as he considered the downfall of his colleague. Brinkmann was one of the agency’s most trusted and effective operatives, and to Parker, as close to a friend as was possible in this business. After the sticky bit of business in D... more->

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2006-08-15 Can I be Japanese yet? Please?!

So, metafilter linked to a site about Japanese construction worker fashion. I am in awe. Just in awe. If anyone knows where I can find this stuff in the states, please let me know!

Oh, and whil... more->

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2006-08-11 Roland Barthes needs SOAP.

Or maybe a better title would be "SOAP needs Roland Barthes". Or possibly "Irony as Rebellion"? Regardless, it's sure easier to think up lame dissertation-style titles than it is to actually write coherently about modern culture.

So. Roland Barthes was an awesome French semiotician (one of the very first to use the term, I believe) who wrote some ... more->

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2006-08-08 Bugging Out

... more->

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2006-08-02 Mix CD

Note: Hopefully you've all gotten a chance to experience my fantastic taste in music. I will now remove these songs from Joshiah's server.

In February, my good friends Ben and Crystal sent me an awesome two-CD mix tape that had a huge amount of music that they'd bought over 2005. One CD was full of songs that were released in 2005, and the other CD was songs they were released earlier that they bought in 2005. It was a little overwhelming.

In April I finally started making my rep... more->

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2006-08-02 Chetyre- A'deen-Devyat'

Please note:

  1. The (more or less) impeccable grammar
  2. The vague business-speak that, while perhaps more convincing than the typical story, would probably not fool any actual CEOs. Then again...
  3. The total lack of Nigeriosity.
  4. Attn.President/CEO.


    I am Mihail Vadim, I represent a top company executive in Russia. He has given me a very sensitive and private brief to ask for your partnership to re-profile legitimately ac... more->

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