2006-08-01 Reverse negation of the causal chain!

"It would seem that although there are some places in which a disaster might happen, the limited time travel in Planet of the Apes sets up some benign if complicated interlocking N-jumps."
Joseph Young's surprisingly cogent and even more surprisingly readable look at time travel in popular film, ranging from Terminator I & II to Bill and Ted.

A freqeunt problem that he finds with pop... more->

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2006-07-28 "Dad's just happy that I'm not a Scientologist."
"We were first known as a company that released award-winning arthouse films, then B-horror films, then cheesy horror films, now knock-offs. Next year it will be gay animal porn. The bottom line is that we can change quickly with our buyers."

A wonderful interview with David Latt, the head of Asylum Films. This is the company responsible for such direct-to-... more->

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2006-07-28 I made stuff! (long) Screenshots at bottom of page.

It's a little odd. Just the other day, in this post, I said that I was being completely unproductive and playing video games all the time. It just occurred to me that, really, nothing could be further from the truth. It's just that what I've been doing (writing a ton of software) feels like playing video games. In the past month and a half I've mostly completed* four fairly large projects.

... more->

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2006-07-24 "In a context of containment we utilise itensity."

I can't seem to do anything these days. At home I seem to be playing video games mostly (Knights of the Old Republic II, and I just got my lightsaber, which may explain things) instead of working on my numerous projects. At work I'm even less productive, updating my blog or consulting ancient fortune telling devices instead of working on work. I threw my rings, what does the I Ching have to say about this?

My situation is one of Kùn: oppression, imprisonment, constricting forces, exhaustio... more->

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2006-07-18 Hmmm...

Do I have a totally irrational fear of Kushiel's Dart? Maybe I just read Bio of a Space Tyrant (or too much Piers Anthony in general) at too young an age, but the whole idea "squicks" me...

And yet the feminist protest on the internet seems remarkably lacking... I can't even find any crazy Christians comments on Amazon, and they're usually willing to attack any sex-... more->

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2006-07-18 Oh, and new shoes!

And I almost forgot--I got new shoes! So, all my life I've had a single pair of shoes for day-to-day wear, and a pair of dress shoes that I kept under my bed in case of weddings. In high school my day-to-day shoes where sneakers (it was always vitally important that they be Bright Colors, not simply dull blank or boring white) and then when I went to college I bought a pair of boots in a thrift store for $5.

I love boots.

Anyway, since then I've had quite a number of boots, and a smaller nu... more->

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2006-07-18 A couple good quotes from Metafilter

First of all, a user called jefgodesky posted this quote from Peter Brown's 1988 The Body and Society: Men, Women and Sexual Renunciation in Early Christianity:

Citizens of the Roman Empire at its height, in the second century A.D., were born into the world with an average life expectancy of less than twenty-five years. Death fell savagely on the young. Those who survived childhood remained at risk. Only four out... more->
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2006-07-17 Birthday Celebration (including photos of my new bike!!!)

The 6th of July was a Wednesday this year, ick. Also, I was working at Victory Garden, so even more ick. However, this meant that when I actually celebrated my birthday, day before yesterday, I had just been paid ($380 from V.G., of which 30% needs to go to Tax next year).

Anyway, I ended up celebrating my brithday by shopping. Weird. I rarely go shopping, as it feels Consumerist and Sinful. Also, I spend all my spare money on eating out. Which can be fun (as it was on Saturday) but is often a wa... more->

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2006-07-17 Rude.

Graffiti in Wicker Park. I hope to learn how to stencil soon.

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2006-07-17 Stardust

Neil Gaiman says the following about the forthcoming Stardust movie. It makes me a little tingly. I don't recall being very impressed with the book, however.

It looks like all the money is up on the screen. Best of all, it felt like its own thing. I've been trying to think of what to compare it to, but it's leaving me a bit blank -- it exists half-way between The Princess Bride and Pirates... more->
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2006-07-14 Reading is FUNdamentalist! (No, not really) I done read me a book, and I like it.
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2006-07-12 Tinniest bunny EVER!
This bunny stared at me a little, and ultimately ran under the bushes, but in general it was totally unconcerned and perfectly willing to have me watch it while it cleaned its back foot. Hooray!
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2006-07-12 Affirmation Random dude on skateboard outside the Foster El:
    "You're the coolest gentleman I've seen all morning. You're probably the coolest person I'll see all day!"

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2006-07-10 I see your face, every day...

So I got a comment on my blog the other day. It said,

    So there was a man who murdered drug addicted hookers in the south. He was a trucker of sorts and liked to travel. I guess it was considered a serial killer by some, but to me; he was just a victim of circumstance. Sort of like a lion quenching his hunger by hunting the weak and the sick. Who is this man I speak of?

    This man is me...
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2006-07-06 Oh and by the way, The Dalai Lama is Canadian.
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2006-07-06 Lexicon!

[[What is this? It’s the (slightly delayed) invitation to my game of Lexicon! The complete rules are here but essentially we all take turns creating fictional entries in a collaborative dictionary.


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2006-07-06 Random thoughts about miracles.

I've been reading this history of religion (Karen Armstrong, more on this later) and it got me thinking about any number of things. Here's one of them:

Armstrong talks dismissivly about Enlightenment era Christian apologists who try to explain Christ's miracles purely rationally. For example, she scoffs at the idea that "loaves and fishes" was merely a case of people being shamed into "producing the picnics that they surreptitiously brought with them".

Theologically I have no problem ... more->

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