2006-06-30 Across from the Fullerton El Stop

Random person 1: That's awesome.
Random person 2 (trying to peel it off): It's an octopus!
Random person 3: With nine arms. A nonapus.

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2006-06-26 Girl Giant

A "French theatre company" (haven't been able to find out any more details) is apparently responsible for this, as part of ... more->

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2006-06-26 Lady Sovereign!

We went to Intonation Fest on Saturday, and it was awesome! I'm trying to go to more Rock Shows, and Katya encouraged me to get out of the house for this. I am so glad!

One thing that I learned is that my camera, although it may be great for taking ... more->

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2006-06-22 Lexicon

I'm going to play a game of Lexicon, and you're invited. The original post detailing the game is here, but in essence this is how it works:

A group of players get together online to collaboratively create a dictionary for a completely... more->

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2006-06-21 Hoooray for a healthy father!

My father, Bob, recently went to the V.A. (Veterans' Affairs) clinic to get tested. A number of people that served in Vietnam around the same time and place that he did have been dying, apparently, and he was starting to get a little worried--Agent Orange is more than just a defoliant, after all, it's also a nasty carcinogen.

The VA told him that negative effects of long-term low-exposure to Agent Orange had never been proven, and that the A... more->

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2006-06-19 Excellent!

Katya and I tried to watch The Party the other night, but could not do so. It's the movie in which Peter Sellers plays a fantastically awkward Indian actor in the 1960's. I, at least, found many of the gags hillarious, but every one of them was preceeded by five or ten minutes of very slow set up. In some cases this probably made them more funny--in most cases not. I also found the character to be horrifically more->

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2006-06-14 The twelve-thousand-person in-joke.

One of my favorite sites these days is Metafilter, partially because the people there can be so damn clever, and occaisionally the whole experience becomes, well, meta. Someone told a joke there today, which you probably won't get. I'm a'gonna explain it to you anyway (even though I know that jokes that require explainations are not really jokes anymore.)

So on Metafilter, people post cool websites, and then the community (around 12,000 peop... more->

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2006-06-14 Live from the 'Nidge!

Well, I sound-proofed enough of my studio space that I could put a desk in here and finally set my computer up! For the first time in well over a year (long story) I'm acutally using the broadband that I'm paying for, connected at 11Mbps.

According to this speed test, using the server in Miami, reads 611kbps down, and 279kbps up.

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2006-06-12 Galleries New photo gallery.

I spent a couple days trying to install Joomla. These are slick-as-hell content-management sites. In theory, you just upload the files to your server, click on a few buttons, and *boom* you're running a completely customizable slashdot / boing-boing / whatever you want. As many or as few features as you need.

Gallery 2... more->

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2006-06-12 Random thoughts on Misogyny

I just finished reading a couple Gene Wolf books (the first two in the "New Sun" series) and was irritated (and appalled) by the misogyny therein. Appalled, naturally, but also irritated because they are otherwise very interesting, fairly well-written fantasy / sci-fi novels. Set (I think, now that I’ve finished) on Earth’s moon tens of thousands of years from now, after humanity has risen to great heights and then lost almost everything—Swords + Sorcery + Laser Beams. So, in other words, it’s the Vi... more->

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2006-06-10 I just wanted to get to Ikea!

This is a long rant of little interest to anyone, but if I had to live through it, it's only fair that you should have to read it.

First of all, I-94 and I-90 are the same road for a while, in Chicago. I got on at Touhy and, eventually, I-94 split off to the rigth, so I assumed that I was on 90. Fifteen minutes later, I realized that 90/94 split south of our house, and I had, in fact, never been on 90. I backtracked to 90, passed it, turned around only to realize that there wasn't a northbound ... more->
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