2006-05-30 Katya Got a Hair Cut

Katya said "I'm going to shave my head for the move", and so I was expecting Natalie Portman. This is less extreme, but also looks good. Probably was much more comfortable for the move than my hair, I have to admit. On Saturday, it got to 99 degrees Farenheit!


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2006-05-30 I HATE moving.

First things first: photos.

    We're only a couple of miles south of the old place. (Click for larger image).

And now, because I'... more->

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2006-05-25 An Honor to Play I wrote this on my phone on the way to NC on Friday, but then forgot to upload it:

As I was waiting for the train to get to O'Hare this morning, this old guy in a scruffy baseball cap got my attention. I took off my headphones (I'd been listening to Bond) and he asked me if it was a violin that I was carrying slung across my back. I replied that it was, and he said "God bless you!". He shook my hand, and continued, "It's an honor to play the violin."

That dude is absolutely right-... more->

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2006-05-25 My room (neat pics inside)

One way that I know that I'm terribly excited about moving into the Parsonage is that I've been spending an inordinate amount of time fixing up 3D models of the place. Another way is that when Katya and I stopped by to pick up the keys from my housemates last night, we stayed and chatted for an hour or so.

One thing that they mentioned was that I wouldn't necessarily have to give up my room, even if I took the big room, which is really amazingly nice of them. That, together with the fact t... more->

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2006-05-24 Ducks!

My mother and I went to Duke Gardens this weekend, while I was down there for the wedding. The garden was beautiful, and the ducks very friendly:

Very friendly, indeed:
... more->
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2006-05-23 Livin' in the 'nidge! Yep, we're moving into the Parsonage. For some reason, I felt compelled to work on the 3D model of the floor plans today, instead of doing useful stuff. This is the second floor, where my room will be:

So, I have to choose between the "Big Bedroom" and the "Little Bedroom". The big bedroom is the largest in th... more->

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2006-05-17 BioShock

You should read the ... more->
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2006-05-17 The Numbers Game

Holy Shit, I'm leaving for North Carolina tomorrow morning, and I have _so much_ to do here at work. So naturally I'm going to write a 'blog entry about intelligence agents on the radio.

So I was reading the forums about BioShock * and I came across this post about "Numbers Stations". I had never heard of them before, but they... more->

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2006-05-16 Hooray, Debt!!!

I was going to title this post "Brother, can you spare 15,468.87?" but that makes it sound like a bad thing, and actually I'm extremely happy (and proud) about my debt.

To quote my jubilant instant message to Katya just now:

Two things:

  1. My credit limit is $5,000, and my current balance is $5,101.85 Today I made a payment of $178.85, which means that when it clears I will be below the maximum for the first time in four years!!!
  2. I have this wacky deal where I p... more->
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2006-05-15 Speaking of Video Games (Long)

If asked about my top five favorite video games, I might be hard pressed to choose. Among them, however, would without a doubt be Deus Ex and Max Payne*. Before I describe Half Life 2, and explain why it isn't in the top five, let my just tell you about these two games.

Max Payne

Max Payne is of the first-person family, like Doom, although technically the camera is just behind your avatar, and you can watch yourself run and jump. The... more->
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2006-05-11 Spore

Ok, whatever system this game will ultimately require, I'm going to save up for it. That's all there is to it. If I have to buy a Pen... more->

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2006-05-10 Tiger Mountain

I can't really describe this fantastic Maoist Opera and, besides, once you've visited that site (it'll take you all of five minutes, come on!) you'll know just as much as I do.

I just know that A)I very much want to see this, and B) after I've seen it, I think I want to stage it... more->

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2006-05-04 Ooo, I like a nice meme- you're forced to.

Well, everyone else is doing it, and my 1gig miniSD card just came in the mail so I can finally store music on my mp3 player again. Thus, after putting it on shuffle, here are the first ten randomly selected songs:

  1. How Fucking Romantic--The Magnetic Fields
      The really, really pure and good songs on this album, and the overall coolness of it, make up... more->
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2006-05-03 The secret power of her dogs!

From this site (from metafilter first, of course)

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2006-05-03 616! 616! So, according to this article, they recently discovered a new fragment of the Gospels--apparently the oldest one yet (from "middle to late third century"). One claim about this, presumably, most authorative document is that in Revelations it warns against the number 616. Something to think about a month from Saturday.

My favorite quote from the linked article:

2006-05-02 Upcoming Living Situtation

So our lease is up on the 31st of May, and we are moving out of the House of Lords (the name of our current apartment building, and probably the grandest thing about the place). After some effort I was able to recall my previous apartment--with its sloping floors, and the front door that opened directly into the kitchen--and I realized that our current place was a real step up. Nevertheless, it is time for us to take another step.

There are two options on the table so far, although we haven't act... more->

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