2006-05-01 Ap'ostrophe's Ok, they should work in the comments now.
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2006-05-01 The Deer Game

I wanted to write about Tale of Tale's new game for a while, but I've been distracted. It's k-rad, though:

It's called The Endless Forrest, and they describe it as a "Deer RPG". Basically, it's a massivly multiplayer online game, like World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is a lot about getting loot and killing things, earning exp and killing things more easily. The Endless Forrest, however,... more->

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2006-04-18 Feynman So someone on Metafilter linked to a bunch of ... more->
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2006-04-17 Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

Not the best execution of the idea, but not half bad, either. And the idea, certainly, is amazing.

C for Cookie
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2006-04-14 God Bless the I.R.S.

So I finally got around to doing my taxes. I used Turbo Tax, because (it turns out) that was what I used last year, so it still had all my data in it. Er, so to speak.

Anyway, after confessing that I'd earned some cash through freelance work, I owed seven hundred bucks. I felt a little ill. I deducted gas and parking fees, I deducted all those Subway™ subs I'd had while working at Triton, and I mentioned that a $600 phone had been stolen from me. I don't know if that affected my tax bill at all, ... more->

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2006-04-14 Here come my boots....

Monday, the fellow says. Monday.

Apparently I was not the only person to order 18" high black pirate boots with an ornamented toe-guard, and so they shipped my order off to some other fellow! Fortunately, that person must wear a differnt size, because he sent them back. Monday.

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2006-04-14 Learn something new...

Every single day. For example, here's this great IM conversation I just had with Scott. Maybe it's old news to you, but I was severly out of the loop:

[14:09] FHBen: Yo, CSS-guru-- what's the difference between <br> and <p>, fo' reals, yo?
[14:09] FHBen: I'm all usin 'em interchangably an' shit...
[14:09] EP123NTER: ack!
[14:09] FHBen: ?
[14:09] EP123NTER: several things...
[14:10] EP123NTER: first, <br>... more->

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2006-04-14 Diet Hey, you know that thing where sometimes I got on a strict"No sweets, &c." diet? And then when it's over, I gorge myself on cookies and cake? I just found a cool name for it--a "Daniel Fast", from the Christian book of Daniel, where he ate no meat or sweets for ten days, or such like.

Anyway, I'm trying that again. This time, without the "gorging on chocolate pie" aspect.
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2006-04-13 Birthday wishlist Hey, there's really no need to buy me anything. Really, just the fact that you're coming to the party is enough of a gift. Oh, you can't make it? Don't live in Chicago? Well, fair enough, that's still no reason to spend a bunch of money on me. Nevertheless, if you really want to, here are some things I might like. I'll try to update the list as I think of more things. Straight-up cash is always good, too.

If you do want to get me something on this list, please mention it ... more->

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2006-04-12 A conversation that you weren't a part of. An except from a recent conversation with a friend about Death and Dying:

    I've always wondered how you could be, for example, an accountant if you really believed, with all your being, that Jesus was Lord and that you could do certain things and thus get to heaven. If you believe in God, how could anything else in your life possibly be more important than that? It always seemed like you'd either be an atheist / agnostic, or a zealot--how could there be a middle ground?

    But I've just now r... more->
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2006-04-11 Generic Limerick From the Metafilter post about this blog. This limerick was better than everything else, though:
    There once was an X from place B

    That satisfied predicate P

    He or she did thing A

    In an adjective way

    Resulting in circumstance C

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2006-04-10 Holy Hell!

Apparently that thing is called a nyckelharpa, and I think I want one:
2006-04-10 Random, random, random. This morning, while re-reading The Master and Margarita I had a fantastic idea for a movie. Let me know what you think:

The plot would involve the only son of a textiles company with a big factory in India. The workers are threatening to join a union, and go on strike, so the factory owner sends his son to get a feel for conditions at the factories. While he's there, he'll try to convince the workers not to join the union. Upon arriving, the son undergoes a series of misfortunes that invol... more->
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2006-04-07 More info to follow. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
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