2005-11-01 2005 Beard and Mustache Competition

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2005-10-27 10,000 Years

    "Everything about this clock is deeply unusual. For example, while nearly every mechanical clock made in the last millennium consists of a series of propelled gears, this one uses a stack of mechanical binary computers capable of singling out ... more->
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2005-10-26 Mmmm, pretty.

I wanted to learn Ancient Greek so that I could read Plato (well, Socrates, really) and Sappho, not so much for the aesthetics. I do like the iota subscript *, but I'm not too excited aesthectically about the rest.

I'm always wanted to learn Arabic, however, because of the inc... more->
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2005-10-26 Die Young. Live Forever.

Maybe everyone else already knows about this, and it had been at the back of my mind, but apparently there is a new musical... based on The Vampire Lestat. I think Interview with a Vampire was posssibly a better novel, and it was certainly the only really groundbreaking or interesting one, but Lestat is the only one I'd ever be tempte... more->
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2005-10-25 Fitzmas? From Metafilter:

    This case has never, ever been about smearing Joe Wilson. Its about who sent Joe Wilson to Africa. For the longest time, the conventional wisdom has been that the Administration was attempting to smear Wilson and/or intimidate him. I think this conventional wisdom is wrong.

    First, its not much of a smear to say that your wife recommended you to go on an unpaid trip to malaria-infested West Africa to investigate so... more->
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2005-10-25 George Burns From Roger Ebert:
    In 1979, Burns told me: "I was acting when I was 2. When I was 7, I was in the Pee Wee Quartet." Then he told me a story about another old-timer:

    "There was a guy, a tramp comedian named Joe Jackson. He was famous for how he handled the curtain. He had these big, floppy shoes, and he'd stand onstage just where the curtain fell, so his toes would be sticking out under the curtain. So the audience knows he's still there. They go crazy, applauding. Meanwhile, Jackson slip...
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2005-10-17 Like Everyday

From Metafilter.
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2005-10-14 RFQ: Pirahã While we're on the subject of the Pirahă, do any of y'all have any questions for Peter Gordon and / or Dan Everett? I'll be greeting them and escorting them and I get to eat lunch with them next month, so I figured I should make a list. I want to be careful not to ask them anything stupid, nor anything that I could easily find out by reading their research... Some ideas:
  • The Pirahă have no fiction--can they / do they lie?
  • Are they interested in fiction that outsiders tell them? Could you tea... more->
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2005-10-13 Pirahă and Postmodernism I was talking with a Cognitive Science professor (who shall remain nameless*) about the Pirahă yesterday. If you already know all about them, skip down to the interesting bit.

For those of you just joining me, the Pirahă are this fascinating Amazonian people. There are less than 400 of them, and they live in small groups of ten to twenty. According to Dan Everett and Peter Gordon (who... more->
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2005-10-10 Post-Feminism Just read an interesting Salon article (that you will have to watch an ad in order to read) about Female Chauvinist Pigs--women who embrace and promote (and in some cases produce) "the single entendre T-shirt, implants, excessive waxing, cardio pole-dancing classes, Playboy bunny keychains, Howard Stern and Robin Quivers".

The article seems to have produced a large number of angry letters accusing the author o... more->
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2005-10-10 Neil and Storm on race I've been immersed in two of my favorite, brand new books recently, and one thing that they have in common is their interesting treatment of race. (Incidentally, they both deal with Love and Loss and Loss of Love and SDL in exemplary ways, as well).

The interesting way that they dealt with race is this: when it is directly pertinent, they mention it, otherwise they give no indication. Fascinating.

Storm Constantine's Wra... more->
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2005-10-07 New Functionality Hey, Fuzzy, Jason joined in the conversation about Serenity, and then I replied to him. How do you know? Because I know display the most recent comments at the top of the page!

It means the title is a little less.. .titular... but it's nonsense, anyway. It also makes things a little more busy.

What do you all think?
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2005-10-03 Serenity. Very Long. Rant. Spoilers (marked). I saw Serenity on Friday, and it was awesome! It's a little embarrassing to care so much for television characters, but during the first scene on the ship I really did feel like I was visiting with old friends that I had really missed. We saw it opening night, and the theatre was packed. It was packed with fans. Fans in costume, mind you, fans who had knitted their own Jane-hats. Fans who clapped and cheered all throughout the film. It was very cool!

The characters are fascinatin... more->
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