2005-09-01 Gilliam, Gilliam, lama sabacthani? I likes me men like I liked The Brothers Grimm: broad, and stupid.

Ok, that's a lie, I don't really like men like that. But hey, I didn't really like The Brothers Grimm (TBG) either.

One problem was that, as a matter of personal taste, I only like epic-flavored action movies. In a comedy I'm totally fine with the Brave Little Tailor (and I'd kind of like to see that, actually, possibly with Roberto Bennini). Kung Fu Hustle was one of my favorite films in forever, and ... more->
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2005-08-31 Clinton strongest one there is! I'm not sure that I understand it all, but it seems that this interview at fafblog might have some tell critiques about the Democratic Party. Or something. Well, the blog is green at least.
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2005-08-31 Not a good day. I lost my camera this morning, I guess it fell off of my belt and onto the train seat?
I also lost my fitness journal.
And my address book.
And the notebook in which I jot down where the car is parked, that dream I had last night, and my current gas mileage.
And my mp3 player / tape recorder.
My violin tuner also fell off my belt.
So did my calendar.
As you may have realized, I also lost my cell phone.

Come to think of it, since I used it as a mobile access point ... more->
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2005-08-29 Maybe next year... Daily updates (I think) from Burning Man 2005.

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2005-08-29 Where there's Smoke... Just saw this on Boing-Boing:

Apparently the artist creates these pieces, most of which are furniture, and then lights them on fire. Then they are covered in clear resin, and upholstered.
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2005-08-25 I bet these guys could beat my Aunt Peggy... "On his next turn, Panupol found GAYETY -- an alternate spelling of gaiety, but to him just another string of letters. He didn't have to worry about picking out the blanks on Dave's rack, because later in the game he picked up the second one and made his third bingo. (After FLORINs, the other two were common words: TANKING and rUSTLEd.) Final score: 463-339.

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2005-08-24 Roger Ebert, Literary Philosopher One of my big questions in art boils down to, "Why can't things be nice?". I have a strong intuition that it's a bad idea for art to only be about rabbits and happy kittens, but I haven't yet quite understood why tradgedy and loss are necessary. Well, I have some ideas about it, but what I'm really unsure about is whether I, personally, need to make use of it in my art.

My friend Gareth tells me that art is like medicine, and it is dangerous to take too much, or to try someone else's prescription. ... more->
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2005-08-24 Rage Against the Machine Did I ever tell you about my 14th level wizard who wrote a song about how much he hated French playwrights? It was called "Mage against the Racine"! Ha! Did you smoke that one? Ha! Did you?

At any rate, I was just struck this morning, while at the gym, by how much I really like Rage Against the Machine. They have catchy, kick-ass dionysian music that I can totally lose myself in. Then the song ends and I look up, and feel great, and realize that I've been jogging along at 180 strides per minute... more->
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2005-08-23 God and Beetles "I'm not sure, but he seems to be inordinately fond of beetles."
-- J.B.S. Haldane, when asked what the study of science taught him about "the creator"

Follow the link to a really interesting two-part essay that culminates with:

"Bad theology is incompatible with science, but that's not the biggest problem facing it. The more immediate problem facing bad theology is that it is incompatibl... more->
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2005-08-22 For future reference: Tmesis (Greek, "a cutting") is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is inserted into another word, often for humorous effect. The insertion may occur between the parts of a compound word, of an infinitive (split infinitive), or between syllable boundaries (dystmesis).

Also referred to as diacope, or tumbarumba; the latter due to the popularity of tmesis in Australian speech. Linguists sometimes describe tmesis as a form of infixing.


2005-08-22 I must visit this country... I just noticed that there is a cab company in Berlin called Würfelfunk.

Just thought you should know.

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2005-08-22 XXX II: State of the Union This movie is interesting, but also kind of awful. You can read about why it's awful elsewhere, although no one seems to mention the execrable writing. Maybe they think that all action movies have to have terrible, terrible scripts. At any rate, here are some reasons that I thought it was interesting:

Although I feel weird saying it (the people who agree with me on this issue are not the people I want most as allies) I don't really like realistic v... more->
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2005-08-19 Diesel Sweeties This comic was funny-ish, but the first panel was the best:

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2005-08-19 Search Function Check out the search function on the bottom left there. It still has a few minor bugs* but I'm really proud of it.

*I'm using preg_replace to put the search terms into a <SPAN> so that they show up red, which works realy well... except that if the search terms occurred in an image, it breaks the images. If it occurred in HTML, it breaks the page.
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2005-08-18 New York City, center of the Universe I just wrote a long email to my mother and grandmother about my feelings re the City, and I thought you might be interested, too. I'll post it here:

I just got back from Nathan Hall's wedding in New York, which was really my first vacation since I graduated from College. I mean, I've gone places over three-day weekends, and I've visited people for Christmas, but this is an actual Summer Vacation, like the kind that real people take. As it happened, Dedre was at various conferences while I had to le... more->
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2005-08-17 Wedding I just got back from NYC, and it was very emotional for me. The City is a big part of me, and of who I am. I know I only lived there for two years, but I really consider it my home. Anyway, I'll write more about that later. For now, here are photos of the wedding:

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2005-08-17 Catapults... In other news, I just found out that my friend Harper is making a catapult.

Some Goals

  • Build a catapult that is impressive
  • Finish construction by November 26th, 2005
  • Launch a bowling ball around .5 miles
  • Not die or kill anyone in the process
  • Gain fame and profit

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2005-08-17 Awesome. From Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives

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2005-08-17 My house. Some of you may be interested in this flash take on google maps. Really, pretty cool, and it also show the MS satellite images: Flash Earth.
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2005-08-09 Metafilter quote of the year: "Sure, video games may promote violence in children, but let's not forget that they teach defensive tactics as well. For example, whenever a GTA-addled youth comes after me with a tire iron, I just engrave "Elbereth" on the ground. Works wonders."
posted by aparrish at 10:43 AM PST on August 9
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2005-08-09 In case you don't read Slashdot: FnH writes "Derek Lovley and his colleagues of the University of Massachusetts discovered that the Geobacter bacteria is capable of producing nanowires. The bacteria is normally used to clean up toxic waste. Geobacter does not use oxygen, but metal as its source for power. This probably explains the 3nm to 5nm nanowires it excretes while working. What metal the nanowires are made of is not yet known, but the genetic code responsible for their creation is. This opens up the possibility of modifying the bacte... more->
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2005-08-05 And while I'm posting photos... Here are a bunch of photos of my new car, the reason I drove home from Bakersfield last weekend. (42 hours, including six or seven for sleeping).

Here's my cousin, on my mother's side (he wasn't in Taft or anything, I just like the photo):

and my violin (in it's new stand, on my new table, by my ne... more->
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2005-08-05 My Father's Side of the Family

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2005-08-04 Flying Spaghetti Monsterism Bobby Henderson's open letter to the Kansas School Board explaining why, in the interests of allowing students to hear "multiple viewpoints" during science class, he believes that equal time should be given to Intelligen Design, Darwinian Evolution, and the idea that the world was created by an invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I think we can all look forward to the time when these three theories are given equal time in our science classrooms a... more->
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2005-08-03 Photos from Taft No photos of family members--I feel really uncomfortable pulling out my digital camera and photographing people, it really feels like I'm showing off. Also, I hate it when seven people all insist on taking the same "candid" photo at family gatherings... I'll be getting copies of everyone's photos soon enough. Here are a couple photos that I did take, hoever:

Taft Photos

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2005-08-03 Hot rod

My cousin has the fastest car in Taft. This might not be saying all that much, as Taft is a small town in California with a population of 21,000 or so. It is in the desert, however, and so bu... more->
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2005-08-03 No more ß?? So apparently the Germans have decided that it's just too difficult for them to speak foreign anymore, and so they're changing over to English. I mean, they'll still call it "German" or whatever, but they're simplifying the grammer, they're replacing the ß with a double-S, and they're breaking down long compound words into seperate words.
I mean, it wasn't really very different from English to start with, really.... more->
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2005-08-03 Car Whisperer Having just purchased my first bluetooth device (my Űber-phone) I am now especially interested in bluetooth news. Two things of interest:
  1. It's named after Harald Blåtand (pronounced, apparently, Bluetooth) a sort of Danish Bismark who united the warring tribes of the Netherlands into a unified group. The logo is made of the runes for H and B. I think that's neat.
  2. more->
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2005-08-02 Quick Post There's a lot of stuff to write about, what with my recent trip to Taft, my Grandfather's wake, &c. &c. However, my boss is currently out of town and I have plenty of time... so I don't seem to be able to get anything done. Certainly not writing blog posts. Anyway, this guy is the best pavement artist in the history of the world:

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