2005-07-21 The Alchemist. My birthday. &c. I was writing about this book, The Alchemist, but my brain froze and I'm not sure what I wrote. All of a sudden, I can scarcely think. Maybe time for lunch? At any rate, I liked it a good deal.

Speaking of books, I got a lot of really cool stuff for my birthday:
  • A really handsome translation of Ovid's Metamorphisis, that I haven't had time to really go through yet. Very pretty book with its own box, &c, and translations by ... more->
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2005-07-21 Play Freebird, Man! So I've been doing some research into Rock & Roll, which is kind of an odd thing for a 28-year-old to do. I started listening to music at a very late age. I bought my first album, on a whim, when I was a sophomore in High School, and until then I just listened to whatever was on. There's a pretty big cultural rift between me and most Americans in this way. Ordinarily I am only too glad to have a cultural rift between me and America, but on the subject of Rock & Roll I do wish I was better informed.

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2005-07-08 Corpse I've done a bunch a decent corpses lately, but this one I really like, especially the first two panels:

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2005-07-08 Braaaains. Wow, Land of the Dead actually seems like a pretty cool movie (warning: Spoilers). Not that I will be seeing it. Ever.
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2005-07-07 Fascinating... And, speaking of Terrorism, I just read a really interesting story about al-Qaeda's website (former) alNeda.com... The text I read is here, archived by this site. Apparently this IT guy managed to steal al-Qaeda's website, and used it to ph1sh for all sorts of interesting data (mainly the URLs of other, similar, sites).

He claims that the US government managed ... more->
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2005-07-07 Terrorism and Clowns

First of all, I think the message, and the aesthetic, in the above picture is awesome. (For the record, the above picture should involve a clow insurgent, and anti-pop star graffiti. Don't want to upload and then endorse the wrong pic...)

I was thinking about the different methods of the ... more->
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2005-07-06 I'm 11100! It seems that the categories of young adult life fall more or less into:
  • 13-15, young kid
  • 16-20, teen-ager
  • 21-24, adult... just barely
  • 25-30, adult
  • 30+ untrustworthy
I do realize that that list is more than a little ageist, so I'll stick in a disclaimer that I'm well aware that it's perfectly possible to be a suburban sell-out at 16, and a radical at 45 (and, hey, Lenin didn't write What Is to be Done? until he was 32).

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2005-07-05 iPod Art As seen on Slashdot:

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