2005-02-28 I quote Gaimon quoting Lejeune "Here's a quote that struck me as being wise and true this morning, from the film critic C. A. Lejeune. She was an English writer from the earlier part of the last century. It's from her review of Coward's Blithe Spirit.

"It is true that it may be easier to have wit than, in the deepest and most enduring sense, to have imagination. But it is easier to pretend to have imagination than to pretend to have wit. A pretender may get away with a phoney poem, because it is the privilege of a poet to ...
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2005-02-27 Versus I just saw the most amazing movie... well, perhaps not the most amazing, but it was at least as good as Mr. Vampire.

It's got Kung-Fu and huge guns and techno music and ridiculous over-foley! It's got great costumes and... it's got zombies! After all th... more->
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2005-02-25 A solid state computer... And this is also very cool: "[A] completely silent and super-efficient diskless computer run without any information permanency."
There's a version of Linux (a derivative of Debian, I think) that is 50megs total. DSL (Damn Small Linux).
Cooler still, they set it up to boot from a USD drive.
Coolest of all, the developers have started branching out into hardware, developing this ... more->
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2005-02-25 /. Wisdom From a slightly interesting story about Flash "pop-over" ads:

"Obviously, what we need to do is get rid of all the stupid people. I suggest telling them there is a giant space goat coming to eat the planet and putting them all on some kind of space ark."

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2005-02-24 Pretty Pictures Here's the first image of the set for Old Times:

Stay tuned for more.
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2005-02-24 Metal Express Radio Just wanted to share that "Wooden Jesus" by Great White is really quite catchy.

Down the road in my car
A wooden Jesus on my dashboard
Go to work to stay alive
I'm just a sinner tryin' to survive
Yeah we commit all those deadly sins
But I don't worry 'cause I got my friend

I got my wooden Jesus in my car
He's always with me, never too far
Yeah my wooden Jesus forgives me
I'm a sinner that's why I believe
In my wooden Jesus

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2005-02-24 The person I love. A few pics of the Vicomte de Chagnie... there's a story that goes with these photos, but the point is that it looks amazing. ... more->
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2005-02-24 I loved those boots... In other news, Brooke found my favorite boots (the flaming New Rocks) in a web comic. I loved those boots.
I used to live in New York, and I would fly to see her in Chicago. When we seperated for six months, I used the money I would have spent on the plane ticket (plus a bit more, those boots were $250 or so) to buy those.
They had a little metal bit in the center of the soul that went 'snck' every time I stepped on a stair or a cur... more->
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2005-02-16 BlowUp Dolls... here
Also, this Grafik Dynamo is the sort of random comic strip I love:

And finally, here is a large photograph.
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2005-02-16 Yoikes, 11:09... Ok, that had better be it for the night. I still have to go home (my computer is still dead, so I'm at work) and sleep... I have to be up and ready tomorrow at 7:00 for the gym. I just get so excited when everything is working, I just want to add every feature I can think of.

Check out the Search Feature at the bottom. Searching!! SO HAWT!!!! It searches by title, then by entry, and returns the first result it finds (the oldest). If you don't find what you want, add more terms: "gym... more->
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2005-02-15 About this Page I really like to code, and I especially like web coding (other people have taken care of the infrastructure, I can cut right to the interesting bits instead of trying to figure out how to make a window or draw a button). However, I am excessivly bad at design work. . I can't even choose colors.

So I wrote most of the code for this site a while back, before I had ever seen a blog (well, before I'd ever really examined one, at least). It looked like hell, and I never got around to finishing up ... more->
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2005-02-15 And there should be more video games... Just like this one: Fly Guy
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2005-02-15 Lobster Sticks to Magnet! Sweet! I thought this little bit of an internet meme had been lost forever, but the "Lobster Sticks to Magnet" song is still out there... Someday, I want to make rock and roll just like this!

Lobster Sticks to Magnet!
2005-02-15 Dancing Without Gender I went contra-dancing last night, and it was wonderful. Somehow, Hannah and I managed to get perfectly in synch on this one dance, and just began switching two or three times a set, almost without noticing.

In contra-dance, one dancer is the "leader" and the other the "follower". The leader is in charge of, most importantly, starting and stopping a swing so that it ends in time for the next dance move. Throughout the dance the leader and follower perform different moves. Traditionally, the leader... more->
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2005-02-15 Got Image? Ok, I think the images are working. For old time's sake I'll post this image of Amanda. It's the one I was using to test the code, and it rox.

But can I edit it? You betcha!!!
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2005-02-15 Pizza! I just ordered 10 pizzas to be delivered to a room on campus--felt so much like a frank call.
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2005-02-14 Another Entry. Is it another entry? You know it! Can I do links?
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2005-02-14 A new Entry You Know This is a new entry, using my New Entry System. I hope.
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2005-02-14 A new Entry This is a new entry, using my New Entry System. I hope.
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