2004-10-01 Hmmm...

'All life is sacred, but some life is more sacred than others'

Discuss. --
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2004-10-01 A Charm against Despair

Instead of writing about how awful I feel (I never was contacted regarding the promised second Northwestern Interview, and so I have a bad feeling about my prospects) I will simply write this little poem, instead. It isn't mine, but I am told that it is wonderfully useful in a wide range of circumstances:
Wo, Woll, Will, Wole Bo, Boll, Bill, Bole.

I feel better already. --
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2004-09-21 Thoughts on Reliablism
I have just finished reading Steup's highly accessible Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology, and have just started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Fascinating how well the two work together -- I just love biblio-syncronicity like that.
At any rate, while reading Steup I had a rather low view of Reliablism. It seemed to me (and still does, at times) that false beliefs will work reliably even outside of the Demon-World. For example, the belief 'Women are Unsuited t... more->
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2004-09-09 They took my chair.
I can't complain to Katya, because I think that is a good way to destroy our relationship. More to the point, I think it would be really irritating. So I'll just complain to the Interweb, because I know no one reads this page but me... I guess I'm really complaining to my Future Self, in his knowledge and power living out his life in the Glorious Future. I envy you... although, I suppose, things could get worse. I imagine that while I worked at Chicago Spotlight I was envying the Future Me, and t... more->
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