2003-06-25 Untitled Charlie's Angels
In an article about women on webcams, I came across this quote about the television show:
'What works in favor of feminism at one end can become a disservice in the inept hands of the media.' Alan used the example of Charlie's Angels to make his point more clear: 'For maybe the first time in TV history, three women (or more if you count the cast changes) carried a hit show' he argues.
'It employed women in reasonably well paid lead roles and probably inspired young... more->
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2003-06-20 Untitled I guess I'm not king, then... I'm looking forward to the new terminator movie for one reason only: I'll get to use the word Terminatrix. Apart from that, the whole thing looks pretty bad. I had to drive to Skokie this morning, and as I did I figured out what the movie would be like if I were king.
First of all, it would be set almost entirely in the future. In T1, the Machines sent back a terminator class machine to kill John Conner... it was destroyed, but bits of its circuitry were left be... more->
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2003-06-20 Untitled HULK
I was writing friends earlier today, talking about the new Hulk movie, and thinking aobut my new vocabulary words. I said this:
I would much rather watch _The Pathetical Hulk_, where mild-mannered Bruce Banner turns into a green-skinned master of elocution, and the Mole Men all throw down their weapons, shrieking, 'Not Hermes, prolocuter to the gods, could use persuasions more pathetical!'.
It just occurred to me that I wouldn't mind watching _The Inedible Hulk_, either. 'One move, Bann... more->
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2003-06-19 Untitled I can afford Hair Dye!!!
I had an interesting experience... The back of the Clariol box says that I could call for 'expert advice from your personal color specialist' if I was considering a dramatic change, and I was, so I did. I chatted with the nice lady for a while, and learned that Clariol has a red, a blue a purple and a green now. Sometime I want to try them. Anyway, she recommended one of Clariol's bleaching products, and this blue/black. Then I found the X-Treme Effects Bleach, and called ... more->
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2003-06-17 Untitled Taburlaine the Great
I don't care how great he was, I don't like him. Anybody who wipes out his beloved's entire country isn't worth the time of day, in my book.
Oh, and I didn't care much for the play, either. The words were very nice, and the flow of it all was great, but there wasn't a plot to speak of, and certainly no point to it all. Like Shakespeare without that spark of intellectual weight that flares up behind the tradgedies, the mistaken twins and the set-pieces and battles. more->
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