2003-05-14 Untitled Lucky Me
I have just had the priviledge to read, in very quick successino, three of the greatest novels cmoposed using English. _The Brother's Karamazov_, surely one of the best books I've read, but so sad... so much angst. _Slaughterhouse 5_, which is technically much more sad and awful than Dostoyevsky, but has almost 0% angst, and _Orlando_, by Woolf. I enjoyed them all passionately, but Orlando was... wow.
Vonnegut says that 'everything there was to know about like was in _The Brothers Kar... more->
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2003-05-14 Untitled I'm so Cool!
I wrote this program, and it's fucking great. It's a perl script (although I compiled it into a binary) that sets up an AIM bot, and sends me a text message whenever I get an IM. It's more compliicated than that, but that's the basic idea.
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2003-05-14 Untitled Nano-Kittens
I'm exhausted. Working does that to you, I reckon.
I've been working a whole lot, recently, and it's been fairly strenuous work, too... setting up lights, carrying heavy things, &c. I have only just today gotten a paycheck, however.... which means that life has been less pleasant than it might have been.
Nothing like working hard all day, and then buying... nothing, because you can't afford a soda. Bah. Hopefully I'll get this job at Spotlight, and earn a steady, consistent $10... more->
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2003-05-12 Untitled Waffle House
So Katya and I were driving home from this big party in North Carolina (My cousin had just returned from Argentina and Ecuador). It was a ten hour trip, and so about 11:00 at night we stopped at a Waffle House in Indiana. Aside from the waitress and the cook, we were the only two people in the building.
Noticing that we were taking a while to determine our food choice (actually I was just trying to find the Waffle sections -- there it is, on the very top letf: Waffle, $2.50, peca... more->
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