2003-04-24 Untitled I just shocked the fuck out of myself on the stove. Actually, compared to some of hte shockings I've given myself, this hardly counts. Nevertheless, I hate doing that. I knocked the teapot over, which spiller water on the electric waffle iron (which was plugged in) and when I went to wipe it up my hand touched the wet towel that touched the metal grill, which was leaning on the waffle iron which (apparently) has some unsafe wiring. My body immeadiately said GLARCH! and I yanked my hand back. Fu... more->
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2003-04-18 Untitled Sorry that it's been so long since I updated, but I've actually been busy working. Not that I have enough to pay my rent, &c, but you don't wnat to hear about that.
I'm going to my first ever opera, Agrippina on the 28th, so that should be fun. Being an Official Freelance Theatre Techie is hard work, but at least I get free tickets.
I've also been working on www.sixbynine.com, ever since the Horrible Server Crash when I lost everything... The new design is up, but not functional yet. <... more->
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2003-04-05 Untitled So Weird!
There's a scene in the new diCapp movie Catch me if you Can in which he impersonates a teachers on his first day at a new high school, and that is exactly how I felt today. Regardless of my Offician Substitute Teacher ID and the 6+ years of age seperating me from the students, it was very difficult to convince myself that I wasn't a student again. Walking the halls was especially strange, because I felt like a student again, but somehow 'untouchable'...
The job was dead easy. I just... more->
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2003-04-05 Untitled Perhpas I was wrong...
I'm not sure it is any better than working at K-Mart.
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