Everything You Know About the Antimicrobial
Room 101 (safe version)

Last Sunday I spent the day participating in an experimenting that looked at brain activity both before and after subjects received exposure therapy for phobias. I've been afraid of a type of thing all my life, and so I took part.

I sat in an fMRI machine and was shown picture of both the scary thing (which freaked me out, a bit) and some totally benign stuff. Then I spent a couple hours doing the exposure therapy with a very nice therapist. Afterward, I did the fMRI tests again, and this time the scary stuff didn't freak me out at all. And right now I have a photo of it on my desktop, and I can search Google images for it, too!

Signing up for the study was one of the bravest things I've ever done, and I'm very proud. I'm hoping to get my cousin to design a tattoo for me, so that I'll always have something to remember it by.

If you want to read the more full, longer account, it's here.

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